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Transcript:Dark Night

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Dark Night
President Dugan and Eva Lee meeting with the European Council
President Dugan and Eva Lee meeting with the European Council

Red Alert 2


Dark Night


Last Chance



This page includes a transcript of Dark Night, the fifth Allied mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Eva Lee: Good afternoon Commander. The President and the European Council are ready for you. Please hang on while I put you through.
Michael Dugan: Ah, Commander! I'm glad you can make it. The European Council and I have been discussing an aid package-
German Chancellor: ...the possibility!
Dugan: ...the possibility of an aid package for the US. The nuclear attack on Chicago seems to have sparked their interest.
Réne Lyon: Do not think us indifferent to your situation Mr. President, but for us the United States is very far away.
Dugan: Commander, the point is we've agreed to exchange Agent Tanya's services on this operation for soldiers and supplies from the Alliance.
Lyon: Provided the conditions are met, I am prepared to take command immediately.
Tanya: Now you just hold on a second, okay?! This is my operation.
Lyon: We all need leaders Agent, no?
Tanya: We have no time to train this guy, Mr. President! You want my men? You help prepare my Commander. And that's my condition!
Dugan: Very well... If you're on board Commander, and it looks like you've been drafted, the Prime Minister will give you the details.
British Prime Minister: The objects you see in the second photograph are Soviet missile silos. As you can see Commander, they are a bit too close for comfort. I believe Romanov's intention is to keep us out of your war.
German Chancellor: Our men will go nowhere until this threat is eliminated!
Dugan: Take care of these silos, and this war may be close to an end. We're counting on you Commander!

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Tanya after infiltration[edit | edit source]

Tanya: It looks like we're in! Our spies have infiltrated the Soviets' battle labs and relayed the specs on their silos' locations. I'm ready to rock and roll Commander! Let's take out those silos and head on home! It's getting a little chilly over here...

Tanya requesting more spies[edit | edit source]

Tanya: Look's like our crack spy team has been compromised. I could use a couple more! And let's not use the Italian spies this time, 'kay?

Eva's warning on attack dogs[edit | edit source]

Eva Lee: Sir! Be on the lookout for Soviet guard dogs. They've been released to sniff out our spies.