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Transcript:Free Gateway

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Free Gateway

Red Alert 2


Free Gateway


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Sun Temple

This page includes a transcript of Free Gateway, the eighth Allied mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Michael Dugan: Beautiful job in Hawaii Commander! I know you have your heart set on seeing the beach at Waikiki, but we have new business in St. Louis.

Ben Carville: The heart of Missouri is now the beating breast of all our ground control operations for the country. We'd be in sorry shape without her. The problem is that Yuri and his Psychic Corps have dropped another psychic beacon in the town!

Dugan: I never wanted to send you in against our citizens, but those psychic beacons are turning upstanding Americans into Soviet-controlled killers. Move fast, move wisely... and try not to hurt any one of our constituents, alright?

Eva Lee: Unfortunately, you may have to. Tanya's strike team is in place and standing by, but we can't tell how long they can go before the beacon takes it effect on them... One moment Commander.

Tanya: Oh she's not kidding Commander. If we don't move fast enough, we'll all become slaves to Romanov and his slimeball Yuri. You understand what I'm saying? There's nothing worse for a soldier... than to lose her mind. *loads AK-47* We're trusting you.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Eva's showcase of the prism tank[edit | edit source]

Eva Lee: Commander? We think you're gonna like this one. It's Einstein's prism tech on wheels. The boys at the lab call it a "Prism tank. Careful not to burn yourself.

Tanya mind-controlled (mission failed)[edit | edit source]

Tanya (mind-controlled): Pick up cam-er-a. Pick up the camera! No-no here. On me you thug! Hey Commander!... Don't you think it's time you call it quits? Why fight the inevitable? It's not too late... to join the winners!

Camera falls over

Tanya (mind-controlled): Let's go!... Dasvidaniya. *kisses*