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Transcript:Hail to the Chief

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Hail to the Chief
Carville under Soviet mind control
Carville under Soviet mind control

Red Alert 2


Hail to the Chief


Eagle Dawn


Last Chance

This page includes a transcript of Hail to the Chief, the third Allied mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Michael Dugan (mind-controlled): ...and in short order, we will all - young and old, pledge allegiance to our new leader - Premier Romanov of the USSR.
Television shuts off.
Ben Carville (mind-controlled): Commander! Your performance in Colorado was pretty darn impressive, but things have changed since you've been away fightin'. The war is over! What I've come to realize is that the commies and us want the same things. You know: female companionship, good steak-
Eva Lee: I don't think we need to hear more of that.
Eva cuts off transmission from Carville.
Eva: It appears that the President and even General Carville are under the influence of a Soviet psychic beacon. It's a mind control device developed by this man - this is Yuri. Our intelligence sources now believed that Yuri and his psychic core are the ones responsible for compromising our defenses before the invasion. Right now the Soviets control much of the population in the area. Oh, don't worry Commander. I'm not red yet. *winks*
Eva displays a map view of the White House.
Eva: Intelligence has not yet determined the exact location of the beacon, but you can be sure it will be heavily guarded by the Soviets. I can link you to all the unaffected troops in the area. Use them to destroy the beacon. With the beacon destroyed, the President will be free to secure a safer location.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Sidebar video[edit | edit source]

President Dugan walks in front of the Marine One, confused.
Michael Dugan: Commander! Whatever it is we're paying you, it isn't enough! I don't know how you got us out of this mess but I'm extremely grateful. After this I'm going to promote you to whatever you like... except President! Heh. Keep an eye out Commander, I need you out there! *salutes*