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Transcript:Home Front

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Home Front
Vladimir caught partying in a Jacuzzi
Vladimir caught partying in a Jacuzzi

Red Alert 2


Home Front


Big Apple


City of Lights

This page includes a transcript of Home Front, the fourth Soviet mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Meanwhile in the Sea of Japan...
Korean Naval Commander: Form up! All ships at the ready!
Transmissions switches to Zofia.
Zofia: We have a situation that requires your immediate attention, Comrade General. The Republic of Korea has made a move we did not anticipate; I am tracking Korean vessels en route to what I expect to be a landing near Vladivostok. Comrade General, Premier requests your immediate attention. I'll put you through.
Transmission cuts to the Kremlin.
Alexander Romanov: Ah comrade! I was just reassuring comrade Yuri we have nothing to fear from the Republic of Korea. *Spanks waitress and laughs*
Yuri: Perhaps the Premier is forgetting he must remind you of his eminence.
Romanov: Yes well... Yes!
Yuri: But do not be troubled. The general here after doing so well with New York surely can handle this threat.
Romanov: Perhaps, but I think we should call Vladimir.
Yuri: As you wish comrade premier... *switches transmission to Vladimir*
Vladimir is seen partying in a Jacuzzi with a pair of bathing beauties. He then notices the Kremlin trying to call him and embarrassingly rushes to answer.
Yuri: ...General?
Romanov ends the transmission soon after.
Romanov: Да! He is war hero, he needs rest! *laughs* Take care of the Republic of Korea comrade. Show them how we treat our enemies...

Loading screen[edit | edit source]

Operation: Home Front - Location: Vladivostock
Objective 1: Establish a base. Defend the homeland.
Objective 2: Destroy all enemy forces.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Korean naval officer taunting the commander[edit | edit source]

Korean Naval Commander: Soviet general. We have made our stronghold in your... "motherland". Prepare for your defeat!

Zofia's showcase of the terror drone[edit | edit source]

Zofia: Comrade, I have just received a demonstration brief of our terrifying new anti-armor weapon. They are affectionately referred to as "terror drones". Do you like, comrade? I thought you might like to play rough in battle.