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Transcript:Hostile Shore

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Hostile Shore
Romanov points at Florida: the next place to strike
Romanov points at Florida: the next place to strike

Red Alert 2


Hostile Shore


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Big Apple

This page includes a transcript of Hostile Shore, the second Soviet mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Alexander Romanov: Congratulations Comrade General! See how the American President Dugan ducks for cover! Hahahahaha!... This is the coastal state of Florida. The Americans have a naval base in the area and could strike anywhere, from New York to Havana. Comrade, you will need to build a naval base of your own with submarines, to keep the weak Allied navy from reaching open sea... General Vladimir, who needs no introduction, will oversee the operation and provide you with support from his command ship. До свидания! Good luck!
Vladimir: Hmhmhmm... Of course comrade, show us what you can do. But don't think that I will allow you to order me around. Romanov can say what he likes. Out there, you follow me, and I will be watching you... every step of the way...

Loading screen[edit | edit source]

Operation: Hostile Shore - Location: Florida Coast
Objective 1: Force a landing and set up a base.
Objective 2: Destroy all enemy forces.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Zofia relaying Vladimir's message[edit | edit source]

Zofia: Comrade General, General Vladimir is calling for you to clear out coastal defenses. It could be a good time to build up your naval base.

Vladimir's bravado[edit | edit source]

Vladimir: Now is the time to strike! Glory to the motherland!!!
Zofia: But sir, we are not ready! Not enough submarines are built-
Vladimir: Nonsense! I could destroy this American navy with a little rubber duck.

Vladimir pulling a cowardly retreat[edit | edit source]

Zofia: General, it appears we may have underestimated Allied forces.
Vladimir: What are you waiting for General?! Do something!!!