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Transcript:In the Thick of It

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In the Thick of It
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Red Alert


In the Thick of It


Red Alert 1 introduction


Five to One

This page includes a transcript of In the Thick of It, the first Allied mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Allied Headquarters, Present Day
RAR Allies Logo.png Nikos Stavros: Commander.
RAR Allies Logo.png Gunter von Esling: The last transmission?
RAR Allies Logo.png Stavros: 0900 hours. Since then, nothing.
RAR Allies Logo.png Von Esling: Perhaps Einstein escaped?
RAR Allies Logo.png Stavros: Too much to hope for, General. He would have contacted us by now.
Tanya Adams arrives and greets Von Esling.
RAR Allies Logo.png Stavros: This is classified!
RAR Allies Logo.png Tanya: I know.
RAR Allies Logo.png Von Esling: I sent for her.
RAR Allies Logo.png Stavros: General Von Esling she is a civilian!
RAR Allies Logo.png Tanya: That's why I don't get killed.
RAR Allies Logo.png Von Esling: Commander, this is Tanya Adams, a professional... volunteer. She will work with you on this mission.
Von Esling turns on monitor, showing a Soviet research base.
RAR Allies Logo.png Von Esling: Somewhere inside this research center, the Soviets hold Albert Einstein. We need him back, immediately. Get Tanya inside, so she can get Einstein out. Once you have located him, bring him back to your drop off point for immediate evacuation. Be careful, the base is heavily fortified, but not invincible.
RAR Allies Logo.png Stavros: Their weakness is power. Blackout the base and nothing will stop you. Good luck.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Rescue Einstein from the Headquarters inside this Soviet complex. Once found, evacuate him via the helicopter at the signal flare. Einstein and Tanya must be kept alive at all costs. Beware the Soviet's Tesla Coils. Direct Tanya to destroy the westmost power plants to take them off-line.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Find Einstein.
Get Einstein to the helicopter.