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Transcript:Liability Elimination

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Liability Elimination
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Red Alert


Liability Elimination


Elba Island



This page includes a transcript of Liability Elimination, the ninth Soviet mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

A drunken Stalin and Gradenko share a glass of vodka, roughhousing and laughing. Stalin then covers Gradenko's mouth.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Joseph Stalin: Shh... No one must hear of this, hmm?
Stalin pulls out a document to show to Gradenko.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Stalin: Do you recognize these names?
RAR Soviets Logo.png Radik Gradenko: They are your generals, but I don't see my name?
RAR Soviets Logo.png Stalin: Be thankful, I named these men as traitors. They're plotting to kill me.
The two erupt into laughter.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Stalin: They think I will destroy Mother Russia. [laughs] But you... you have always stood by me. When I regain the lands stolen by the Europeans and the Chinese you were there. You fought nobly to make my dream come true. So now, I'm going to give this honor to you.
Stalin's advisor presents a stack of death warrants for Gradenko to sign.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Gradenko: Death warrants?
RAR Soviets Logo.png Stalin: Sign them.
Stalin places a pen into Gradenko's hand.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Stalin: Reaffirm your loyalty to me. I'm ridding Russia of her enemies.
Gradenko signs each of the documents. The camera pans out to Kukov and Nadia in the security room.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Georgi Kukov: Curious... Stalin said nothing about the truck Gradenko abandoned.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Nadia Zelenkov: Containing elements of Iron Curtain.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Georgi Kukov: Yes. We must get it back. I'm sure you'll find a suitable way to handle Comrade Gradenko.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Nadia (to player): The truck and its contents were abandoned somewhere in this region. The Allies captured the truck and brought it to this way station. They intend to move it to safe territory and study its contents carefully.
RAR Soviets Logo.png Kukov: This cannot be allowed to happen. We cannot risk recapturing the truck, it is now a liability. Do not allow the truck or any Allied unit to leave the area.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

The Allied forces have intercepted and destroyed a convoy that carried parts for our secret weapon. One truck remains, but they have captured that last truck and its cargo. This is not acceptable! You are to destroy that truck before the Allies leave the area with it.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Destroy convoy truck