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Red Alert 2




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Deep Sea

This page includes a transcript of Liberty, the sixth Allied mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Ben Carville: I gotta hand it to ya kid! I've never seen Tanya stick her neck out for anybody. She's on an assignment back home, but she did ask me to convey any regards that she could, uh, muster. Well, and at any rate you must have really impressed those Germans too! In appreciation, their Chancellor has put us in touch their leading citizen. Dr. Einstein you still there?!

Albert Einstein: Ja, ja! I-I-I am here! One moment! Well, Commander. You know of course that war is not my vocation. I am only a scientist... but Soviet Premier Romanov und his generals, they will stop at nothing to rule the minds und the bodies of everyone on the planet! Und they do have the psychic technology to do zhis! But I too... I know a few tricks...

Einstein feeds in a blueprint for the Prism tower

Albert Einstein: These are plans for a Prism tower. Your President, he has expressed great interest in its application!

Ben Carville: Thanks doc. Commander, the Reds have established a forward base near D.C. with the ability to deploy Tesla coils. Now they're pretty well entrenched, but I think if we can take the capital back we can turn the tide. I'm tired of hanging out in Canada... Get me my office back!

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Einstein's showcase of the prism tower[edit | edit source]

Albert Einstein: Ja, Commander! I have something very interesting to show you! Please bitte, I want you to take a look. You see - when Prism Tower X, it is placed close to Prism Tower Y, ze energy produced by the central tower will be increased by a factor of X over Y times 2! Beautiful, ja?!

Eva's warning on terror drones[edit | edit source]

Eva Lee: Sir! The Soviets have released their terror drones. If our tanks get too close, these mechanical arachnids will tear them to shreds.