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Carville at the moment of assassination
Carville at the moment of assassination

Red Alert 2




Sun Temple



This page includes a transcript of Mirage, the tenth Allied mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Ben Carville: No rest for the wicked Commander! We're both being shipped to Germany. I'm going to Berlin, where we're planning our final thrust. Romanov is no fool. He's hit us pretty hard over there. His main target is Einstein's Black Forest lab. I want you to hook up with the locals and keep him the Sam Hill away from that lab. Einstein is our ace in hole, we can't afford to lose him. Auf Wiedersehen-

Carville is blown up by a Crazy Ivan

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Einstein's showcase of the Mirage tank[edit | edit source]

Albert Einstein: I have something very important to show you Commander! It is called my "Mirage tank". It has the wonderful ability to take on zhe exact appearance of any organic object it targets. Observe...

Model tank is transformed into a miniature tree

Einstein: You see? Isn't she wonderful?!

Eva's message after the Spy Satellite uplink is established[edit | edit source]

Eva Lee: Commander, I've established an uplink with Spy Sat. It should be coming online as we speak. Wait, wait... Apocalypse tanks on the roll. Be careful sir.