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Transcript:Red Alert - Retaliation

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This page includes transcripts of all cutscenes featured in Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Retaliation.

Allied campaign[edit | edit source]

Greece[edit | edit source]

Ben Carville (offscreen): Sarin nerve gas, the Soviets love it. It's colorless, odorless, but it sure as hell ain't painless. They probably took out this whole town using a bottle half the size of mine...
Carville: Now, the Soviets have a convoy carrying enough of Sarin to gas all of Europe. I want you to find that convoy, blow the hell out of it. I want you to find their underground production facilities, blow the hell out of it. Think you can remember that? Oh and uh, evacuate any civies who get in the way. Remember, we're the good guys. Oh by the way, I'm General Carville. Welcome to Greece.
Ben Carville: You know the rules lieutenant, only the good news.
Officer (over intercom): All civilians have been evacuated, repeat, Sarin gas threat has been neutralized General.
Carville: Alright, not too shabby. Give the man some stripes.
Officer (over intercom): Yes sir. Field promotion to Sergeant effective immediately.

Siberia[edit | edit source]

Ben Carville: The commies are at it again, developing atomic capabilities. General Stavros has a Siberian informant who knows here the Soviet atomic processing facilities are hidden. Stavros insists on going to meet him, personally. Stubborn old mule thinks he's a damn field agent.
A staff sergeant approaches Carville with intel.
Carville: Yea?... Damn. The Soviets must have gotten wind of the Stavros meeting. Intel received word of a large Soviet force moving to intercept. I told Stavros he'd get himself killed playing these spy games. Help him out any way you can. Once the old mule's back use the information he's got and find and destroy the Red's atomic operations. Nukes, bases, convoys, everything. Kick those commies out of Siberia!... For me.
Ben Carville: Stavros you old dog! Have you got any idea what a pain in the ass you are?
Nikos Stavros (over phone): We've gained control-
Carville: Well that's not what I hear. The Commander here tells me that he had to assign three privates to clean you diapers. *laughs*
Stavros (over phone): He does not have all the facts how dare he belittle me!
Carville: General Stavros wishes to offer you his deepest appreciation and congratulations on your brilliant career. *chuckles*

Italy[edit | edit source]

Ben Carville (offscreen): Take a good long look Major because you'll be attacking that harbor at dawn. The Soviets are baby steps away from developing sea to ground missiles.
Carville: Once those missiles subs are underway, we risk losing naval superiority. I can't tell ya how PO'ed that'll make a lot of people around here. Your job, Major, is to take out those Soviet sub pens, research centers, anything that'll keep those missiles from getting off the ground. Baby steps, Major, think baby steps.
Ben Carville: Commander I believe I've got something that belong to you. Yours for the dramatic rescue of civilians at our captured research installation. I'd read the inscription, but if your head gets any bigger, I'll have to buy you new helmet. Hell, you just won the Medal of Honor son, let me buy you a Shirley Temple at the Officer's Club.

Poland[edit | edit source]

A tape machine plays footage with sounds of gunfire. Carville turns it off.
Ben Carville: We got a hostage situation alright. We've got a host situation and involves every major Allied research scientist. Let's suppose we free these hostages, then it's even worse.
Throws out zippo in frustration.
Carville: We've got hot spots everywhere Colonel! This is Poland! I've got super tanks on my tail, M.A.D. tanks! I've got nukes pointed at London, and in the middle of all this I've got a Soviet research scientist that I've got to evac. And then there's the little matter of running the Soviet army out of Poland. I hope you took care of business before you got in the car Colonel, cause son you're in for one hell of a ride.
Ben Carville: Commander, I didn't expect you for a couple of days. I was just talking about you to the wigs upstairs, I guess saving London from getting nuked was kinda an attention grabber. Prime Minister just sent over a big basket of uh, I dunno, crumpets. Kind of a consolation prize, you know we uh, get Poland and they get crumpets. *laughs* Well I know you have other missions that you gotta take care of, don't let me slow you down. Keep up the good work son. *salutes*

Ending[edit | edit source]

Ben Carville (drunk): Commander!, or I should say - General. Are you still on duty? *laughs* Go home, have a beer, you're a hero! Hell we're all heroes!
Carville plays golf on top of his desk, and breaks a glass.

Soviet campaign[edit | edit source]

Ukraine[edit | edit source]

Topolov: Добрый день, сержант. Меня зовут Тополов. Генерал Тополов. Рад тебя видеть, Comrade. Your mission in the Ukraine is simple. Allied forces seek to challenge Soviet air supremacy. Right in our faces they build MiG prototypes of their own. They test their new air fuel bomb. They test their Chronosphere. The говна grow bold, there's got to be a settling of the score. Destroy the prototypes but take the Chronosphere. Purge the Ukraine of the Allied presence and the bastard behind the threat. Assassinate General Stavros, the Greek commander. До свидания, that is all.
Topolov: Для россии!
Topolov takes a shot of vodka.
Topolov: Для женщин!
Topolov takes a second shot of vodka.
Topolov: Для русских женщин!
Topolov takes a third shot of vodka.
Topolov: Excellent work in the Ukraine, Commander. *chuckles* You are ambitious, ambition can be very useful. Might find your way into a cramped corner office, in a drafty old building, in what used to be the better part of Moscow. *laughs* I like you, I like you very much! And I am Russian, I do not like anybody! But I drink to you, Comrade.
Topolov takes a final shot of vodka.

Austria[edit | edit source]

Topolov: Comrade, здравствуйте. I must speak quickly; these things I am telling you, I am not! Somewhere in our office, in my office, there is a leak. Critical intelligence is reaching the Allied forces in Austria. Now, our key European command center has been infiltrated. Our hidden cargo routes are threatened. Our tactical sub pens are attacked. And the Allied говна are even producing our classified new armor plating using a formula stolen from my office. Destroy what they've stolen, and get the Allied idiots out of my face. This is bad for me, very bad. До свидания...
Topolov (drunk): Salute, Commander! Congratulations on your success in Austria. *chuckles* You must forgive me if my interest in your success is a bit personal. You have cleared my name. You are my friend, and I will drink to your honor!
Topolov realizes his vodka bottle is empty since he drank it all, then laughs.
Topolov (drunk): It seems I already have! *laughs* До свидания, товарищ!

France[edit | edit source]

Topolov: Добрый день, майор. Рад тебя видеть. Our French intelligence confirms the Allied forces are developing two vehicle weapons: the Phase transport and the Chrono tank. It is not in the Soviet interest that either of these weapons becomes operational. Do what you must... Steal the prototypes, use the prototypes against the Allies, and keep them from using that Chrono tank! Идти! Go on!

It Came From Red Alert![edit | edit source]

Ben Carville: Ants!? Is this some kind of a joke? You got ants in your pants, call an exterminator, I'm on vacation. What? How big!? Casualties? What do you mean the southern perimeter's been compromised? Listen up soldier, if we lose England its not gonna be to a bunch of pinko ants, I don't care how big! Look I don't care how you do it son, I'd piss on a spark plug if I though it do any good. You just tell your men to get out there and kick some ant ass!
Carville ends phone call.
Carville: Ants?...