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Transcript:Red Alert 2 installation

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Red Alert 2


Red Alert 2 introduction

This page contains a transcript of the installation sequence for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Initializing, please stand by...

Current security clearance is invalid.
Shutting down.

Personal Authorization given by President of United States to upgrade current terminal to Alpha-6 clearance. Oath of loyalty required to proceed.

Terminal: Encryption code required. You have thirty seconds to comply...

Clearance Code incorrect.
Begin Military Trace.
Terminal located.
SEAL extraction team scrambled
ETA to hostile terminal, 5 minutes.
Enter CD-Key to avoid immediate liquidation.

Terminal: Security clearance complete. Customize combat software, commander.

Terminal: Combat software fully customized. Proceed to military intelligence emergency briefing.

Please Standby...

In 1946, Albert Einstein used his Chronosphere device to go back in time and forever alter history...
Einstein's intentions, however, upset the delicate balance of world powers, allowing Joseph Stalin to lead communist Russia in a major invasion of Europe.
Initially the Soviet invasion was successful and soon it appeared that the British would be the last free people in Europe.
But the European Allies rallied, eventually smashing the communist war machine.
With Stalin's defeat, this man - Alexander Romanov, came to the blessing of Allied commanders.
Although an aristocrat and a member of the Communist Party, Romanov was an advocate of peace...
Current satellite intelligence indicates that Romanov may not be acting in good faith.
Soviet warships have been spotted, moving at high speed into the Atlantic.
This man, known only as "Yuri", may be responsible for shutting down our entire covert intelligence network in the Soviet Union.
Ever since Yuri became Romanov's chief advisor, relations with the Soviet Union have deteriorated. Our in-country agents are missing. Some have been seen collaborating with KGB operatives.
We need to prepare for the worst, commander: war with the Soviets...

Top Secret Weapons Profile

Briefing: The following are technical specs on current battlefield weapon systems. Observe carefully commander, you may have to command these units in combat.