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Transcript:Red Dawn

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Red Dawn
Romanov and his advisor Yuri
Romanov and his advisor Yuri

Red Alert 2


Red Dawn


Red Alert 2 introduction


Hostile Shore

This page includes a transcript of Red Dawn, the first Soviet mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Zofia: Comrade General, my name is Lieutenant Zofia. It will be my job to see that your command runs smoothly. I have assisted in over 50 successful campaign simulations since the Great War. I believe you will be more than satisfied with my services. Please stand by comrade, it is Premier Romanov himself.
Alexander Romanov: If the lovely Lieutenant Zofia is finished pushing for promotion, I would like some time with my General please.
Zofia: Of course Premier.
Romanov: Comrade General, welcome to future of Soviet Union! I wanted to introduce you to my little friend - this is Sam, like Uncle Sam! Say hello little Uncle. *chuckles* The Americans, they have turned to learn children's film, it teaches them to fear Soviet Union. The little turtle sees big Russian missiles coming! And it ducks and it covers! Duck! Cover! Hahahahaha! Today we will make history comrade! Together we will destroy the United States. Their cities, their homes, their dreams, and perhaps more!... This is my advisor Yuri! He will help make this possible.
Yuri: I am but a servant of the Soviet Union like you... However at this moment we must hurry. Time is of the essence.
Romanov: Of course! Comrade, your first objective will be - Washington, D.C. Show us we were right to let you sit at our table Comrade General. Crush the Allies and the American capital, and destroy the Pentagon!

Loading screen[edit | edit source]

Operation: Red Dawn - Location: Washington DC
Objective 1: Destroy the Pentagon.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

It is your good fortune to be in the vanguard of the Soviet assault on the United States. Lead your troops through Washington and destroy the most hated symbol of American military power, the Pentagon.