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Transcript:Red Revolution

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Red Revolution

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Red Revolution


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Polar Storm

This page includes a transcript of Red Revolution, the eleventh and penultimate Soviet mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

RA2Sovietlogo.png Yuri: Comrade General, you are proving even more tenacious than I thought. What a great threat you are to your enemies. Do me this favor, grace me with your presence in Moscow, so I may thank you in person.
Transmission cuts to Zofia.
RA2Sovietlogo.png Zofia: Before you go anywhere you should see this. [Holds up video tape] It arrived today, to be mailed in the event of Premier's death.
Transmission switches to Romanov's tape.
RA2Sovietlogo.png Alexander Romanov (distressed): If you have received this I-I presume by now I am finally dead. I'm losing... I don't know how to-... Oh Mother Russia, I'm forgetting words! Bah! Yuri, he is controlling my mind, he has killed me! If I am gone now the command is yours. Send this tape far and wide, take my country back for the glory of Russia and the spirit of justice!...
RA2Sovietlogo.png Zofia: I think you are satisfied now, Да? Yuri has his own stronghold here outside Moscow and he is amassing his own forces, but the bulk of the army is yours. Don't, don't speak General, they are listening for you now. If we do not speak again, [salutes] it has been an honor to serve you.

Loading screen[edit | edit source]

Operation: Red Revolution - Location: Moscow
Objective 1: Destroy Yuri's headquarters - The Kremlin.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Yuri has turned against us. There is only one answer for such treason.

Debriefing[edit | edit source]

Your rank is: Glaviy Marshal (General)

Faster than par time[edit | edit source]

Already your name is known to school children as the greatest general the world has ever known.

Slow than par time[edit | edit source]

Yuri's defenses were weak and feeble. Your tank divisions swept him aside as you have swept aside so many others.