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Transcript:The Scorpion Hunters

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The Scorpion Hunters



The Scorpion Hunters


Rescue and Retribution

This page includes a transcript of The Scorpion Hunters, the first mission of Command & Conquer: Renegade.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Intel is reporting evidence of an uncharted Nod installation. Storms and rough terrain are interfering with our satellite scans, so Eagle Base has dispatched a recon team to investigate. Your squad will lead the extraction effort once Recon One has confirmed the base coordinates.

Intro[edit | edit source]

(Vehicles are heard. A GDI armored column drives through the desert.)

GDI Soldier #1: What are we looking for again?

GDI Soldier #2: An imaginary base.

GDI Soldier #1: Quiet!

GDI Soldier #2: Exactly. It's too quiet.

GDI Soldier #3: Ugh, my radar's acting up!

GDI Soldier #2: It's this terrain.

Eagle Base: Recon One, this is Eagle Base. What's the delay up there?

Recon One: Copy Eagle Base. Still no sign of any Nod installation.

(A GDI officer at the front raises his hand to stop the column.)

GDI Officer: Stay loose. Keep your eyes open.

(A Nod Rocket Soldier suddenly rises up and fires a rocket at the leading Humvee, damaging it.)

GDI Soldier #1: Ambush!

GDI Soldier #3: Medic!

Recon One: Eagle Base, under heavy fire. Request immediate reinforcements! This Recon One, we're taking fire, we're taking-

(Humvee takes another hit and explodes)

Eagle Base: Hang in there, Recon One. We're sending a commando.

(Transport Helicopter flies overhead. Havoc ropes down from the rear with two Engineers.)

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Engineer #1: Clear!

Engineer #2: Sounds like they're still in trouble, sir.

Engineer #1: Saddle up, let's move!

Engineer #2: Looks like they were boxed in.

GDI Soldier #1: Hey, it's Havoc! Got some medic? This way, sir. Are we glad to see you!

(Battle continues. Another Rocket Soldier comes out of a cave and destroys the APC.)

GDI Soldier #3: Agh! We've lost our APC!

(Nod Transport Helicopter hovers and delivers more Nod soldiers.)

GDI Soldier #1: They're dropping more troops!

(The Nod soldiers are killed. Another Nod Transport Helicopter arrives.)

GDI Soldier #1: Another chopper. Take it out!

(A GDI Rocket Soldier Officer fires at the Transport Helicopter and blows it to pieces.)

GDI Soldier #3: Woah! Retreat!

GDI Soldier #2: It's coming down, man! Ouch.

GDI Soldier #1: We've pushed them back!

GDI Soldier #3: Look! They're on the run!

GDI Soldier #1: We did it!

GDI Soldier #2: Thanks Havoc, we owe you big-time.

GDI Rocket Soldier Officer: Recon One to Eagle Base. We've taken casualties, but we're ok.

Eagle Base: Copy that, Recon One. Make your repairs and prepare to move out.

(A GDI Transport Helicopter arrives and drops some Engineers.)

Engineer #3: Standby for repairs.

Eagle Base: Havoc, you are go to procede with the mission.

(The Medium Tank is repaired.)

Engineer #3: Your tank is repaired and ready to roll, sir.

Eagle Base: Take Recon One's Tank, you'll need it.

(An Engineer sets C4 on a destroyed Light Tank blocking the road.)

Engineer #4: C4 is set.

Engineer #3: Fire in the hole!

(The Light Tank explodes. A GDI Transport Helicopter drops off a Humvee.)

EVA: Reinforcements have arrived.

Humvee: Eagle Base, we're on the ground.

Eagle Base: Havoc, stay close to that Humvee scout.

Humvee: Eagle Base, we must be close. There's a Nod Harvester here.

Eagle Base: Good work. I'm sending in more firepower.

(A GDI Transport Helicopter drops off a Medium Tank, which destroys two Nod Turrets. A Orca flies in.)

Orca Six: Orca Six to Eagle Base, I have a visual on the harvester. Starting my run now.

(The Orca fires rockets at the Harvester, and then flies off.)

Orca Six: This is Orca Six, bingo fuel. Returning to base.

Eagle Base: Copy, Orca Six. Your ball, Havoc. Finish off that Harvester.

(Harvester is destroyed.)

GDI Soldier #1: Nice! Now that'll cost them!

Humvee: Eagle Base, we've found it!

Eagle Base: Confirmed. Excellent work. Airstrikes inbound.

GDI Soldier #1: Over here, sir! We need your help!

(An Obelisk incinerates the Humvee scout. An Orca flies in and is shot down by SAM sites. It crashes into the Obelisk, destroying it.)

Eagle Base: Havoc, you've got to clear out those SAM sites!

(Havoc destroys one of the SAM sites.)

EVA: SAM site destroyed.

GDI Soldier #3: Go! Go! Knock out those SAMs!

(Havoc destroys the other SAM site.)

GDI Soldier #1: THe SAM sites are history!

(An A-10 flies in.)

A-10: This is Eagle Claw One, starting attack run.

(Nod Rocket Soldiers hit and shoot down the A-10.)

A-10 I'm hit, I'm hit, aagghh!

Eagle Base: This is Eagle Base. I'm not risking any more pilots. We have a GPS lock on the installation. Prepare for Ion Cannon strike.

(The Ion Cannon charges up and destroys the Nod base.)

Outro[edit | edit source]

Eagle Base: The Nod base is down. Good job, Havoc. The base computers should contain a wealth of intelligence data. Mission Accomplished.

(GDI soldiers enter the base. A Mammoth Tank drives up behind Havoc and rotates it's turret.)