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Transcript:Tiberian Dawn introduction

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Tiberian Dawn


X16-Y42 (GDI campaign)
Silencing Nikoomba (Nod campaign)

This page contains a transcript of the introduction sequence for Command & Conquer.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Monitor opens to Channel 12, airing footage of the Grain Trade Center bombing.
Channel 12: The Grain Trade Center in Vienna was the seventeenth urban bombing in four weeks, blamed on Nod terrorists.
Switches to Channel 7, showing the United Nations headquarters.
Channel 7: -security commission remains in closed session tonight following Nod terrorist actions in Slovenia.
Switches to Channel 319, airing a romance drama.
Man: At least your mother tipped well!
Woman slaps man, before slapping back. They romantically kiss after.
Switches to Channel 120, showing footage of an arid landscape. Interference from Nod transmission cuts in.
Channel 120: -harsh, unforgiving wilderness...
Switches to Channel 56, airing an exercise program.
Switches to Channel 213, airing footage of harvesters in action. Interference from GDI transmission cuts in.
Channel 213: New Tiberium harvesting methods instituted by the Brotherhood of Nod increased profitability by 49%.
Switches to Channel 2
Channel 2: Nod's Tiberium holdings now account for almost half of the world's known supply, giving the quasi-terrorist group incredible leverage in the London Gold Exchange. On the domestic side-
Switches to Channel 116, airing an advertisement for a drink whose bottle is shaped like motor oil.
Switches to Channel 88, the Calliope Channel geared towards child-friendly entertainment.
Switches to Channel 438, interference from GDI transmission occurs in the middle.
Channel 438: -cover of Tiberium, ignored reports at Hong Kong Second World Tiberium Economic Impact Summit. Mobius is expected to refute charges from the scientific community that Tiberium might be dangerous.
Voice: -ing this up?
Switches to Channel 21, airing an instructional painting show
Switches to Channel 14, airing the Sperry Financial Network with heavy interference from Nod transmission.
Switches to Channel 252, airing a WWN news segment by Greg Burdette. Heavy interference from GDI transmission occurs at the end.
Greg Burdette: -as the GDI forces take off in another Nod assault, the Free World holds its breath. This is Greg Burdette, WWN, somewhere in the Mediterranean.
Voice: Are you picking this up?
Switches to Channel 3, showing footage from an urban alley, before panning to the walls of a facility. Footage obscured by heavy interference from Nod transmission.
Voice: Deactivate your defense matrix!
Monitor changes to static.