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Transcript:Yuri's Revenge installation

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Yuri's Revenge


Yuri's Revenge introduction

This page contains a transcript of the installation sequence for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Agent Tanya's Report (1)

  • Resource gathering in the field has become a necessary evil in war. Yuri's evil extends well beyond "necessity."
  • Instead of robotic units, Yuri uses "Slave Miners" to gather ore: slaves trapped inside a mobile refinery. Destroy the refinery to free the slaves.

Agent Tanya's Report (2)

  • This is the Master Mind unit.
  • It takes a mind as twisted as Yuri's to think up something like this.
  • This monstrosity can coerce our troops to serve Yuri.
  • You can free the mind-controlled victims by blowing it up.

Agent Tanya's Report (3)

  • The Soviets should be fighting with us against Yuri, but they are fighting against us as much as they are fighting against him.
  • Don't they see what he is?
  • I saw a post with the words "hostis humani generis" under Yuri's face. Einstein translated for me: "an enemy of all mankind".