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Geographic data
Environment Urban
Skirmish information
Players 4
Game information
Game Yuri's Revenge

Turfwar is a skirmish four-player multiplayer map in Yuri's Revenge.


Turfwar is specifically designated as a Team Alliance map. Its the most narrow map in the game. The map features four spawn points all aligned horizontally. It is set in a dense war-torn cityscape with a river that divides the map down the middle with two destructible bridges. Every garrisonable building on the map is either damaged to it's halfway meter or lower (including the Hospital located in the center of the map). The extent of the damage in the city increases gradually with the left side being the most intact and right being the most severe.


  • Number of Ore Fields: 12
  • Number of Oil Derricks: 0
  • Number of Repair Outposts: 0
  • Number of Machine Shops: 0
  • Number of Hospitals: 1
  • Number of Air Fields: 0


  • It's the only map in the game to feature a damaged tech building.
  • When exploring the left "park" side of the map, you can hear birds chirping but, the ambiance quickly escalates to the sounds of loud roaring flames that grow louder as you travel closer to the right end of the map.
  • The map is so narrow that the upper edge of the river can be seen through.
  • The building density on the map is greater than that of Manhattan Mayhem; so much so that it is virtually impossible to avoid building on roads unless the player is located to the farthest left end of the map.
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