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Warning: Akula-class Submarines possess the RU-20 Squall Ultratorpedoes if surrounded.
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In the event where a Soviet Akula-class Submarine faces heavily armored targets, its solution is to launch its RU-20 Shkval Supercavitating Torpedoes (AKA Ultratorpedos) which making contact with it is fatal to all targets, friendly and enemy alike. A pair of these deadly torpedoes could sink any ship or even destroy enemy basic structures. Unfortunately, these torpedoes could not track, but could generated more and more speed over time, until it finally disappeared due to pressure. It also allowed the Akula Sub to stay submerged, allowing the Akula to stay hidden from the enemy. Lately it has also been discovered in various battles with the Allies that the Ultratorpedoes did not heavily damage structures if used from a distance, as the pressure constantly increases the more the torpedoes travel, greatly decreasing the damage it should have done.

Latest intel from the field shows that the Torpedoes do 300 points worth of damage each in close range and as it travels, lessens to 100 points worth each. (Ultratorpedoes are launched in pairs and slightly spaced out.)

Strategy[edit | edit source]

A good way of aiming these torps from a long distance is to send in a scout to see where the building/ unit is, The then ordering the Akula to attack desired unit. As the Akula is turning around to attack the target, order it to use the Ultratorpedoes instead. This will stop the Akula from moving to attack but make it launch torpedoes instead. (Just make sure the Akula is headed towards the target when you fire, or it may hit your own units.