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Unit veterancy (Red Alert)

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For Unit veterancy (Tiberium).

Units in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 are able to earn veterancy ranks and become stronger.

Red Alert 2[edit | edit source]

In Red Alert 2, there are two ranks of veterancy: veteran (one chevron) and elite (three chevrons). Veterancy can be achieved in three ways. The first and most common way is by destroying enemy units. When a unit destroys one or more enemies with a combined value equal to three times its original cost, it will be promoted and go to the next veterancy level. It is possible for a low-value unit to skip the veteran rank entirely and be promoted directly to elite when it destroys a high-value enemy. The second way is to pick up Crates scattered around the map. Some crates give one free level of veterancy to all units in a 3x3 area around it, including to the unit which picked the crate up. Lastly, a Spy can be used to infiltrate an enemy Barracks or War Factory, giving an automatic promotion to veteran rank for all newly-produced infantry or vehicle units, respectively.

Veteran and elite units have increased damage, rate of fire, speed, and armour compared to regular units. Furthermore, elite units self-heal and often gain an improved weapon with special features. For example, all elite tanks fire two-shot volleys instead of single shots with their cannons, in addition to the already-improved damage and rate of fire. The elite Tesla trooper's weapon is able to bounce electricity off its initial target and damage nearby enemies as well. Elite War miners and Slave miners gain a cannon effective against both infantry and vehicles, replacing their machine guns.

Some elite weapons also feature greater range, such as the GI's heavy machine gun and the IFV's missiles. This often allows units to outrange Sentry guns and Pillboxes.

Red Alert 3[edit | edit source]

In Red Alert 3, there are three ranks of veterancy: veteran, elite, and heroic.

Promotions are earned based on damage dealt, rather than which unit dealt the killing blow as in Red Alert 2.

Promoted units gain increased damage, rate of fire, speed, and armour compared to regular units. Heroic units are able to self-heal, and are immune to bribery from Spies.

Capturing Veteran Academies will make most units start out as veterans depending on how many the commander captured.