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United Nations Security Commission

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The United Nations Security Commission was the most powerful organ of the United Nations. Formed to maintian security and peace among the governments of the world, the Council has the power to create resolutions which member nations must carry out under the UN Charter.

However, unlike the real world United Nations, the Tiberium universe's UN Security Commission is not the only UN-affiliated body that is empowered to make binding decisions, as at least the UN Ways and Means Committee is empowered to cut UN official support and funding to external UN-affiliated organizations, such as the GDI

The Security Comission's power was also enhanced with Operations Group Echo: Black Ops 9 (OGE:BO 9), created after the Second World War. OGE:BO 9, a covert special operations group, allowed the Commission to enforce it's resolutions. However, OGE:BO 9's existence was revealed during the Persian Gulf War. To save face, and counter the increasing power of the Brotherhood of Nod and Tiberium, the Comission worked with the G7 nations to create the United Nations Global Defense Act, forming the Global Defense Initiative. GDI remained theoretically under the review of the Security Comission. However, GDI proved alarming able to operate without UN's control and support as early as the first Tiberium War. It was then in face of Bialystok scandal the UN renounced it's support of GDI and the UN's Ways and Means Committee cut UN funding for GDI, the latter not only did not ceased to exist, but even continued their war effort and gained ground in Europe. 

With the failing power of the United Nations, the Security Comission's power and influence also waned, eventually leading to its complete disbandment or it's fading into irrelevance..