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YR Gameicon.png
Geographic data
Environment Tropical, temperate
Skirmish information
Players 6
Game information
Game Yuri's Revenge

Features: This is a straight six-player map for designed for FFA and team play. The gold is spread evenly all throughout the map, players will also find oil derricks.

Tip: Secure the oil to help gain and secure territory.
- Readme file from Yuri's Revenge Map Pack

Unrepentant is a 6-player temperate skirmish Team Alliance map, released as part of the official Yuri's Revenge map pack. The map consists of a two areas of land connected by two bridges and a strip of land crossing down the middle.


  • Number of Ore Fields: 15
  • Number of Oil Derricks: 6
  • Number of Machine Shops: 0
  • Number of Hospitals: 0
  • Number of Air Fields: 0


  • The map features a tunnel similar to the ones used in Tiberian Sun and its expansion. While placing the cursor over the tunnel does display the option to enter, this is still impossible as the tunnel does not feature a point of exit. This is also the only map in the game to feature tunnels in any shape or form; leaving the possibility that tunnels were a scrapped game mechanic.
Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge skirmish maps