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User blog:AndrewFord/RA2: YR - AndrewFord Changes

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

I love Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, there is alot going for the game, and it is fair for all 3 factions, but there are some units that don't play into that equation. These changes aim at diversity, but aims at usability of the unit while maintaining their counters and weaknesses. As much as I hate nerfing units, some needed it, although very few.

My Philosophies:

  • Just because a unit has a purpose, doesn't mean it's good
  • A niche unit however, isn't a bad unit. Example: Crazy Ivans, V3's, Kirovs, Yuri Clones, Terror Drones.
  • A bad unit is a Tesla Trooper because Desolators are more durable, more range, similiar DPS vs Tanks, and amazing area damage utility.
  • Just because you use bad units against noobs, doesn't justify it as a good unit.
  • Some people think units are situationally good, but have never used them competitively. If you think that, you're arguement is invalid.
  • Competitive play should be the basis of balance in a game
  • People need to stop resisting change, try something new.
  • If people can play a commuity patch for CnC Generals, they should be able to try one for RA2: YR

Explaination Behind Changes[edit | edit source]

RA2 Terrorist Icons.png

Terrorist[edit | edit source]

Problem:      They aren't that bad of units, but they are inferior to Engineers or Crazy Ivans.

Increasing movespeed, and lowering cost will make these worth building. Movespeed doesn't sound useful because of transports, but you can possible build a Radar first on Soviets, and send these guys in.

RA2 Tesla Trooper Icons.png

Tesla Trooper[edit | edit source]

Problem:      Poor Range causes these guys to get kited by tanks which cause them to contribute very little in a fight. Why build these when Desolators do their job better?

With increased Range there still is counterplay, but it makes Tesla Troopers easier to use in your army.

RA2 Apocalypse Tank Icons.png

Apocalypse[edit | edit source]


     As a late game unit, they are versatile and should be unmatched in toe to toe combat. This is not the case, with poor movespeed and same range as Rhino's they see themselves dying to Tier 1 Battle tanks before they can deal any damage.
Solution       With Increased Range and Projectile speed they can deal with Tier 1 Battle Tanks, and Mirage Tanks better in the late game, so they can actually be built, but not of course without counters.
RA2 Desolator Icons.png

Desolator[edit | edit source]

Problem:      Counters 98% of all ground units, too strong for the price of the unit. Flak Track+ Deso bombs are way too abusable vs Allies.
  •      Increased Tesla Troopers, Chrono Legionaires, and Brutes resistance to the weapon because they are in Heavy Armored suits and Brutes are Mutated, functionally it allows them to survive the edge of the Radiation field of a Desolator who slowly creeps forward.
  •      Deals slightly less damage to Light vehicles, to allow them to escape Deso Bombing Mirage+Prism Tanks. Remember the Apocalypse is better so Soviets can still deal with those threats accordingly
RA2 Demolition Truck Icons.png

Demolition Truck[edit | edit source]

Problem:      Was nerfed in the Original Red Alert 2 because it did way too much damage at a long distance. This didn't make it feel like there was enough options avaible. With the nerfs, this unit is only good against an inexperienced player or using an Iron Curtain.

Searching for a middle ground, the speed nerf was reverted. In addition to that, the cost went down. This servers for more forgiving Demolition bombing without hindering your tank production and economy too much.

RA2 Tesla Tank Icons.png

Tesla Tank[edit | edit source]

Problem:      These guys got nerfed in RA2, where they attacked 25% slower, this caused them to become really weak for their cost, and offered nothing competitively.

Tesla Tanks will still be weak against Battle Tanks where they lose value-to-value with, but now they have Increased Speed and attack slightly faster, but still slower than originally. They will be able to close in to deal damage before they die, and can pick off harvesters (which they're really good at) much easier.

YR Robot Tank Icons.png

Robot Tank[edit | edit source]

Problem:      They are really fragile, costed 100$ less than Grizzlies and did the same DPS. So there was little usage for them that Grizzlies (which are relatively fast) couldn't do. Also they have a weakness of requiring Power, and needs a Robot Center to be maintained.

I felt their speed could allow them to fill a role of hit-and-run and not just exclusvely to counter mind-control. They attack faster, which allows them to do damage quicker against unprotected buildings or harvesters.

RA2 Chrono Legionnaire Icons.png

Chrono Legionaire[edit | edit source]

Problem:      Legionaires are not all that bad of a unit, except they are too pricey and logically should have Plated Armor

With Plated Armor, and a very Slight HP increase (to make Seals, Snipers, Desolators kill Legionaire in 2 attacks) and a cost reduction, they are more relevant late game, but still be countered by out numbering.

RA2 Tank Destroyer Icons.png

Tank Destroyer[edit | edit source]

Problem:      They are fairly good as a support unit, but what makes no sense is a unit designed for vehicles ONLY, deal less damage to Ore Miners than ANY OTHER BATTLE TANK.

Tank Destroyers deal more damage to Ore Miners. Their stats are the same because they build faster than Grizzly, Rhinos and Lashers.

YR Brute Icons.png

Brute[edit | edit source]

Problem:      They are not the worst but for a melee unit, they are a little awkward. First off they have different range values for Infantry/buildings than Vehicles which makes no sense. Second of all, considering they are melee, they should be better against buildings than Conscripts/G.I.'s/Initiates.

They do extra damage to buildings, and have equal range against Tanks as they do infantry/structures. While these changes are small on paper, you'll find them to reliably damage tanks instead of pathing blocked.

YR Initiate Icons.png

Initiate[edit | edit source]

Problem:      Their damage in garrison buildings is ridiculous, where 1 initiate can make a garrison destroy anything in range

Reduced their garrison damage slightly, they are still the best-per-slot in a Garrisoned structure but one initiate in a building isn't stupid strong anymore.

YR Magnetron Icons.png

Magnetron[edit | edit source]

Problem:      This unit in tandem with the cliff range bonus was far too powerful. Also the unit grab range was longer than the building attack range which by logic makes no sense.

Reduced Magnetron Vehicle range to match the building range. Although this is a nerf, you still should be rewarded for good micro with these units.

RA2 Grand Cannon Icons.png

Grand Cannon[edit | edit source]

Problem:       France is far too weak because it takes too long to get these up and running. But it also becomes way too hard to deal with late game. Many noobs cry OP because they never rush France and hence why they ban it.

Lower the range and health slightly, but lower the cost appropriately. This will be better for both worlds of rushers and noob turtlers.

Summary Changes v1.002[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • Robot Tanks gain Veterancy, increasing stats but don't get an Elite weapon.

Soviets[edit | edit source]

  • Tesla Trooper Attack Range Increased from 3 to 4
  • Apocalypse no longer need to accelerate
  • IRAQ Desolator Deploy Weapon deals 1/5th damage to Plated Armor (Tesla Troopers/Brutes/Chrono Legionaires)
  • IRAQ Desolator Deploy Weapon deals 15% damage from 20% to light vehicles.
  • LIBYA Demolition Truck Cost reduced to 1200 from 1500
  • Demoliton Truck movespeed increased to 6 from 5
  • Tesla Tanks ttack Range Increased to 6 from 4
  • Tesla Tanks can move while firing
  • Terrorist movespeed increased to 7 from 6
  • Terrorist Cost lowered to 150 from 200
  • Kirovs will drop bombs automatically when close to nearby units (even when issued an attack order)

Allies[edit | edit source]

  • Robot Tank Rate of Fire Improved to 45 from 60
  • IFV with a GI damage increased from 25 to 30
  • Chrono Legionaire armor changed to "plate" from "none"
  • Chrono Legionaire HP Increased by 5
  • Chrono Legionaire Cost reduced to 1200
  • Tank Destroyers damage dealt to Harvesters increased to 70% from 40%
  • Tank Destroyer Elite weapon deals full damage to Harvesters
  • Grand Cannon HP reduced to 800 from 900
  • Grand Cannon Range reduced to 14 from 15
  • Grand Cannon Cost reduced to 1750 from 2000
  • Harrier build time reduced to 80% (they build faster)

Yuri[edit | edit source]

  • Brute Range increased to 1.5 from 1.1
  • Brutes damage to Harvesters Increased to 40% from 20%
  • Brutes damage to Wood/Steel Structures Increased to 40% from 30%
  • Initiate Garrison Damage Reduced from 50 to 63
  • Elite Initiate Garrison Damage Reduced from 60 to 73
  • Magnetron Vehicle Range lowered to match Building attack range