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User blog:Marshallamieron/Operation: Detective Case

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We'll guys I fastly created other Mission but for the Allies. Hope you enjoy and comment for some amazing Ideas. Don't know the first one, Click this----Operation:Psychic Waves

Operation: Detective Case.[edit | edit source]

Operation:Detective Case

None, FinalAlert Made.

This is a Allied Mission and you, the Allied General must complete his task and destroys Yuri's most Powerful Machine. You must complete the quest below to the mission:

1) Infilrate the Yuri Battle Lab with a Spy.( Infilrate the Yuri Battle Lab with a Spy)

2) Destroy the All 4 Psychic Dominators in Yuri's Four Borders. ( Destroy All the Psychic Dominator)

3) Destroy the Psychic Beacons and 3 Psychic Ampliers. ( Destroy all Mind Controlling Buildings of Yuri)

The Mission willl begin with a Allied MCV going east guarded by 5 Prism tanks and Soviet MCV that is going west guarded by Apocalypse Tanks. The Mission will begin where Lt.Zofia is explaning the detection of Psychic Troopers of Yuri and Lt.Eva will explain the Problem of destroying Yuri's Base then she'll explain the effects of the Spy Plane. Then A Power Plant will automatically build then the game begins. Your and the Soviets Forces are separated by a Large Gap of Water to his Islands. Every 5 minutes, Chronosphered Reinforcements will appear on both Allies and Soviets that will happen thrice.There are some Oil Derricks on each side of your Island but guarded by Initates in garrisoned two Battle bunkers.Your only hope of getting there is a Harrier squad and Naval Units.Destroying the Psychic Dominator and the Construction Yard of each base, Two Paradrop Planes will drop 10 GIs each and 2 Nighthawks will appear the will evacuate 3 Allied Engineers, Tanya and 2 Guardian GIs and lastly 2 Chrono Legionarre. Then 3 Chronoshifted Mirage Tanks will support you. For the AI Soviets, They will Chronshift 4 Apocalypse Tanks to support you will you attack (There not you control). This will happen each base destroy but Tanya is repace by 1 Chrono Legionerre.After destroying all the Construction Yards and Psychic Dominators, the Map will expand revealing more of Yuri's Base. Just in time, The Allieds and Soviets manage to sell all there Buildings there and Chronoshifted the MCVs. Because of that Yuri himself now appear in the battle to defend is remaining Psychic Controlling Machines. After Destroying the Entire Base, Yuri has no other choice to lauch is Moon Rocket flatform to the Moon.

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