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User blog:Marshallamieron/Operation: Psychic Waves

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Well I have Been thinking some Maps making with Final Alert2: Map Editor that I don't have. ( If possible please give a link to make this map I been wanted this but went I searh, links don't work and I'll be really happy to your Help) Well: hope you enjoy it!!!

Operation: Desert Dunes[edit | edit source]

Operation:Desert Dunes

None, Final Alert made


Possibly later, FinalAlert Made.

Part of



Somewhere in the place of North America


Yuri Faction Victorius


Allied Forces

World Socialist Alliance



Join Ally to the Soviet and stop Yuri

Join Ally to Allied and stop Yuri.

Construct the Psychic Beacon in and safe place and Control the Aliies and Soviets


Soviet Commander

Allied Commander

1)Yuri's Commander 2)Yuri Himself


1) 1 Stronghold Base

2)1 Base in the Middle

3)Full Soviet Arsenal including the Soviet Prism Tower Duplicate

1) Full Allied Arsenal

2) All Units including Tanya

3) Base in the Middle

Half of Yuri's Forces and the Great Psychic Beacon


The Weather Control Device is located in the Allied base, but the Allied AI will not use that.

This a Yuri Faction Mission where you must complete the Missions below and defeat the Allieds and Soviets to the next mission. The key aspect is the second mission.

1)  Locate the Soviet Nuclear Missile and Destroy it. (Locate and Destroy the Silo)

2) Construct the Psychic Beacon where the Nuclear Silo was. (Construct the Beacon)

3) Using the Psychic Beacon, You must defend it from the incoming waves of Soviets and Allies until the Mind Controlling is Complete. (Defend the Psychic Beacon until it is Complete)

  • The one next is what is writen mission

First the Mission will begin with Initiates paradrop by a Paradrop plane ( about 10 dropping 5 each will appear) and the Yuri MCV will appear guarded by 3 Yuri clones. Before you can control your units, 3 Masterimnds will appear and will briefly explain by Yuri in the Transmission , about in the middle of the tranmission,1 will control 2 Conscipts and 1 Guardian GI and will show the Limits of control, the other one will control 4 Allied engineer and Yuri explain the effects of that happening, the Engineers return to base thought. And then a Bio Reactor will automatically will build and the game Begins. The three units control by one of the Mastermind will be yours. Their is 4 Oil derricks on the south of the base but guarded by 3 Apocalypse tanks. On the middle of the map is Tech Battle Lab guarded a small Allied-Soviet base( It is already conrol by the Soviets)  and must taken to access the Allied Grand Cannon (Explain later). It should be Noted that you cannot build Chaos Drone, Psychic Dominator, Yuri MCV, Floating Disc, Submarine pen and Boomers, Magnetron, Genetic Mutator and Hover transport. There is sometimes that they will taack with a KIrov and Allied-Soviet Paradrop that may shot down your base.After destroying the Nuclear Silo, a Hover transport will appear and will drop a other Yuri MVC and deploy because your first base is ambush. Yuri will highlight the Psychic Beacon template and explain it.The Beacon is expensive and will take long to construct, to build it you need at least 1 Bio reactor and a Yuri Construction Yard to power.After Building it, Yuri will congradulate you and will sent Reinforcements every 5 Minutes of the third Mission to defend the Beacon. 20 Minutes of Guarding, the Beacon Activates and Controls the Two bases and Yuri is Victoruos.

Key Aspects:[edit | edit source]

  1. It should be noted that the mission could fail if:
1) If the Construction yard is Destroy.
2) The Beacon is destroy.
3) The Entire Allied base is destroy.
4) The Beacon is build in the wrong place.
2. The Beacon can be constructed if their is Yuri Battle Lab
3. Capturing the Central Tech Building will allow free Grand Cannons to be build (4 Pieces) around the Psychic Beacon to defend, However, it's not your control.

Quotes that I Assign in the Mission.[edit | edit source]

General,We must take our Revenge and Take down those Armies. You must construct the Psychic Beacon in the High Platform where the Soviet Nuclear Silo is located and defend it until is complete, I'll assist you as possible and will deliver some supplies.
- Mission Briefing


General, This is the MasterMind that is able to mind Control three enemy units under control and battle for us, However It is unable to stop controlling units nearby and force to control everything causing it to overload. Don't make it explode because you'll only 3 samples General.I'll see you later...
- Yuri, Explaining the MasterMind's Uses and effects
Congrats General. You are enable to Construct the Beacon Completely without failure but its not over yet , You must defend until its active to create its effects.
- Yuri,Congratulating the General after building the Beacon


It's better to be safe than sorry, rather than surrendering...
- Yuri, After capturing the Central Tech Battle Lab


This is the Psychic Beacon, The Mind-Controlling Structure of the Yuri Forces. It must be constructed as fast as you can to allow great process to the war.
- Yuri, Explaining the Psychic Beacon


Well then, I'm impress to you General for getting the job done. We shall conquer the World together and they shall obey us all!!!!!!!
- Yuri, After completing the Mission

Comments[edit | edit source]

This quite overpowered....Especially the chanlleges.