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User blog:Muhammed59/Generals 2 icons

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Hello to every editors and every vistors!.

I have searched on every c&c facebook pages and found this photo of Generals 2 icon showing the icon of the buildings and unit that we saw it from the last screen shots,as well as some unit & buildings that we not seen it like the APA commando,GLA demo drone(lol!!,the GLA will have drones units!),GLA sneak attack,APA gatling cannon and the EU air field.

well that it is for now thanks to every body

Comments[edit | edit source]

I don't think you should share this now. I'm guessing all the content from Generals 2 is currently under strict NDA. Do you have a link of where you got it from?
That image is likely fake anyway. Both images have been deleted.
I wish if i could tell you men,but the person who did uploaded this image to one of the cnc facebook that i talked with him,he let me promised to not show the link that i got it from in older to let me upload it to the cnc wiki.Even i asked him if this image is under strict NDA,he ingored what i say to him .I am so sorry ,i just want to share it with every body.I wish if you understand what did happen to me at facebook. (note) he also let me  to have this image.