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'ello folks. I haven't been as active for the past 6 months because of uni.

Since there are a bunch of C&C wikis scattered and somewhat isolated across Wiki, I suggest we should have some sort of standardized footer in place for all of the wikis, with the footer linking to all C&C-based wikis. Which means we would need to contact the editors on the wikis that are still active (e.g. the Mental Omega wiki), just in case they don't think we're planning an awkward invasion of their sites.

Here's a list I have managed to compiled of all the C&C-related wikis so far:

The Main Wiki[edit | edit source]

Possible Redirects to the Command & Conquer Wiki?[edit | edit source]

Community[edit | edit source]

Mod Wikis[edit | edit source]

Comments[edit | edit source]

Hey Private, I was just wondering where you were :)

Yeah, we could do a footer with mutual links. I've "infiltrated" the Mental Omega Wiki to help them set up templates, so I can discuss that with the others.

w:c:tiberium leads to nowhere, and w:c:generals is apparently some quaint fan project nobody touched in 7 years.

We could do it with the Fanon Wiki, but not the Community Wiki, as it is abandoned by all staff, and wasn't that well received.
I've asked on the Community Central, let's hope we get our wish.
w:c:tiberium (or tiberium.gamepedia.com if you will) is ours now, but w:c:generals was rejected.
For the w:c:tiberium and w:c:generals links, I suggest that these links be become redirects to this wiki. Pretty much have Wiki close down the Generals wiki (since that wiki has been long dead), and have 'tiberium.gamepedia.com' and 'generals.gamepedia.com' redirect to this wiki, just like how 'redalert.gamepedia.com' has.