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User blog:Privatejfx141/Generals 2 Comparison Wallpapers

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I've made two simple comparison wallpapers, one comparing the overall vehicles from Generals 1 to Generals 2, and the other comparing the units of China to the units of the APA.

EDIT: EU and GLA wallpapers are done!

Comments[edit | edit source]

You forgot to add the Technical on the GLA Wallpaper. Meanwhile on Facebook there is confusion stirring up.
Look at the comments on Community Summit 2012 Trailer. Over half of the comments are either flagged as spam or received too many negative votes. There is so much confusion STILL in most of the fanbase. I doubt most, if not all of the haters even saw the alpha footage on UF's channel. I would like to see the haters faces once they see actual in-game footage and enter the Generals 2 beta.
to Privatejfx141:(I have made a comment on c&c facebook to the ask a develepor and my comment is about Generals 2 tech buildings but i have seen a lot of funny and negative comments.what is wrong with those people?.)
There are always confusion and stupidity on Facebook. 
Interesting. I'm wondering if the units are intentionally similar, either for the purpose of lore or player familiarity. Either way, the new units look pretty good.
it is very nice of you makeing this photos of generals 1 to generals 2. but while you working on the comparison of the EU and the GLA ,can you put the name of the GLA in Arabic?.if you dont know the name of the GLA in Arabic then let me show you(Global Liberation Army=جيش التحرير العالمي).
Actually the words below are quotes, and the Chinese words on the wallpaper means "sticking to the path of socialism".