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User blog:Privatejfx141/Multiplayer on Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun

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Hi, just wonder about how do I actually play multiplayer for Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun since Westwood Online seems to be shut down? I miss the good'old multiplaying days back then. ):

Comments[edit | edit source]

I still play all the command and conquers with a network connection option online through network connection program called tunngle. There's always people online all over the world and its super easy to use, and free. Go try it out to start playing red alert 2, yuris revenge, ect.. online. Keep an eye out for me when your playing online, my usernames general josh, so we might run into each other.
Tunngle is the future of network gaming. Tell your friends about it once you get it running so red alert 2 can have more people online rather than just 9 people.
Go to the Strike-Team (XWIS) website. They took over the servers in 2005. The procedure is quite annoying to some, as you need a working serial key to register for TS/FS/RA2/YR, and then you must have at least one ranked game on each username to prevent your part of the account for the game in question. Use Tunngle or Hamachi if you're not up to it.
Oh, almost forgot. TD, RA1 and TS are available for play through a program called CnCNet. You might want to check it out.