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User blog:Ranger-X/Is Ultimate Collection worth the money?

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I know it's a bit early to think about Christmas shopping, but I like to start early. While I set up the decorations and buy the tree, I will be working on my gift list for 2016. I have some great ideas.

C&C Ultimate Collection Box Art

The first game will be Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection, which gives players access to all 17 games in the series (from the first C&C game in 1995 to Tiberian Twilight in 2010). I watched a video review of it here: Ultimate Collection Review

The reason I want this game is so I can play the entire series on newer PCs. Most of them will not work on Windows 7 or newer (I am not sure about Windows 10 either). All of the games are downloads from the Origin website, so only the key code is sold to the player. I was disappointed at first when I heard, but it makes sense. Can we imagine how big the box would have to be if EA made physical copies of each game?

Pokémon Sun and Moon Box Art The other two games are the newest versions of Pokémon, Sun and Moon, which just came out last week for the 3DS. I also heard that Nintendo plans to make console versions for the Nintendo Switch next year. How will that work exactly?

I do have a question about the Ultimate Collection. Is it worth buying? I personally think so, but I need a second opinion.

Comments[edit | edit source]

What makes you think buying a game collection which contains no actual game software is worthy?
Because you only get a download number in that collection. Want a game? Download from EA's server. So What's the good? Pivated can work just fine.
So digital distribution effectively eliminated the point to pay. What a disgrace, paying hard-earned money for something without an embodiment. Therefore we pay you imaginary money in exchange of your imaginary products, that's called Playing Fair.


"No actual game software"? What the hell are you even talking about?
If you didn't notice, all games are sold digitally these days. Your argument is so moot it hurts.
Oh my fucking god, just stop and go back to the stone age already. By your logic, all video games should be free because they aren't real anyway.