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User blog:Ranger-X/My Generals videos have resumed

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I have once again started recording myplay-throughs of both Generals and Zero Hour. Here is how I do it:

1. I play all of the campaign missions in a chronological order so they make the most sense. I always play on the hardest difficulty so I get the highest honors every time. Since I am recording the videos, I also modify the build times for my faction to get my base and units ready as quickly as possible. I do these modifications to avoid boring my viewers. When I watched others play the game, I was getting bored too early. Waiting is no fun, so why should I subject others to it?

2. Once the campaigns are done, I play every faction in a skirmish game but I do it like this. I do one vs. one matches. For Generals, there are at least six skirmishes, plus I show the GLA's rush attack method that Galherios mentioned on YouTube. For Zero Hour, there are at least thirteen: three main factions, nine subfactions and one boss (this is a spoiler).

3. If I am playing Zero Hour, I also record the General's Challenge my own way. Because General Shin Fai and General Rodall Juhziz do not have AI support in Challenge mode, I play their challenge campaigns individually. That way, I can face the other eight commanders: Granger, Alexander, Townes, Kwai, Tao, Thrax, Kassad and Leang.

4. Modifications will come after that. Because I like Pro:Gen so much in how it completes Zero Hour, I will show that mod next. I like to start with the three omitted campaign missions. First is USA with Operation: White Knight (the player must arrest a terrorist leader and free a village), then the controversial Operation: Black Sheep mission (where the GLA commander must kill civilians with Toxin Tractors), and finally China's version of Silent Dawn.

5. Pro:Gen's Challenge, this time completed with maps for every general and even the bosses. This time, I will take control of the bosses: Ironside, Leang and Deathstrike. There are two reasons why I will do this. I love the bosses because they have the best of everything in their respective factions, and I want to show how easily I can dominate everyone else. ;)