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User blog:Raymond Li/Command & Conquer CANCELLED!

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EA posted on their officail site that development for Command & Conquer has ceased.

The Victory Games marketing manager's tweets also confirms that Victory Games was closed by EA.





Comments[edit | edit source]

Well the whole multiplayer obsession was I guess misguided from the start.  Let's just hope that this isn't the end of the line.  Them getting rid of Victory Games sounds like the line is about to end, although it might just be for the Generals Universe. 
yes, the multiplayer F2P made it fail , they added many generals not unique enough to be bought by players

but generals would nerver end , they now at EA that this is the most succesful franchise they made

online zh games are happening tell now

i hope they either continue it which i doubt or make it like generals 1

closed box game with skirmish,campaign,nultiplayer but with same story and origins of the f2p command and conquer

i don't think they will waste the work of 3 years , and 7 years befor that when generals 2 was in early internal development

what make me sad is that eric krause said that by mnoday they would have patched the movement-pathfinding  overhaul and the crushing

that's why i hate EA now
To be honest with you your comments about the end of the Generals Universe is really  unreasonable.

Do really think that is the end of the Generals Universe only because EA canceled Generals 2? are you joking or what?, every body around the world is upset and angry about that and your are the only one who is happy about that only because that game is not a Tiberuim game, C&C Generals and Zero Hour were the best C&C game at all time and it`s still the best C&C at all!!.

Look at it, its stand more than 10 years  and it`s still standing!!!, why? because of the great balance , ideas, and micro which we didnt see lot of that in RA3 nor CNC4.

So the point is, your are wrong about the end of the Generals Universe because their is more than 4 canceled C&C games, 3 of them are Tiberuim games which wasn`t the end of the Tiberuim Universe when cancel it, even C&C4 couldnt able to end the Tiberuim Universe.

And there is no doubt that we will see Generals 2 again with a Single Player and with a box as well as restored of the name to Generals 2 in the next few years.
Like I said on the other blog, the whole F2P idea was doomed from the start. If they do decide to do something else with the franchise, hopefully they'll actually do something that the fans will find agreeable.
Well what can you expected from a game that dont have a single player as well as the FTP idea which become a P2W and the name change from Generals 2 to simply Command and Conquer?.

BTW... NSG from CBCPT made a call with EA Cire about this..... this..... horrible news!


Even Doom Tanker said that the next Episode will hold for a few.