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User blog:Sheldonist/Breaking - C&C F2P to have singleplayer!

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Mission article posters, prepare your keyboards! Command & Conquer F2P will have a singleplayer campaign after all! You can read the source here.

Comments[edit | edit source]

Alright, that's one step in the right direction. Now, lose the F2P nonsense and consider me sold, EA.
Does it mean I can by a box titled as "Command & Conquer" and keep it in my safe as an addition to my collection?
If that so, I will turn to unlimited privacy download. That's how we Chinese "Play for Free".
Anything thats F2P from EA is always "Origin Based" Digital Download. In the next few decades, sadly, CDs and DVDs will no longer exist.
I just found a pre-order page of "Command & Conquer: Generals 2 (DVD-ROM) " in this site:


It is going to be released in Dec, 2013.
Maybe some kind-hearted C&C fan hacked into EA, grabbed the program and is re-moding it into an usable form for DVD-release. I'll give that guy an Order of the Patriotic War 1st Class.
Fake. The game will be F2P (and won't be called Generals 2, for that matter). There's no way they can know when the game will be released - not even EA knows.
Cool :)
You're commenting on a two-year-old post about a game that's already been cancelled.
Finally! Now I just hope they have a proper singleplayer campaign for each of they factions with like 6 to 10 missions each. I would like to see the story/mission briefings being briefed in CGI or live action through a the eyes of a commander (like all C&C games except for Tiberian Sun, but the idea was cool through Michael McNeil/Slavik in third person). I would also expect the story to be a bit intense and dramatic like Tiberium Wars and some plot twist to continue to the Generals Timeline with some action. And lastly, I hope that EA/BioWare would add a skirmish mode so I can practice some bot matches or make a nice looking base :D. However, I don't like the idea that it will connect all the Command & Conquer universes, since I want this game to be a true sequel to Generals. But this seems like I will trust EA this time after what they done to C&C4 and making this game F2P. If I am not satisfied and ends up just like C&C4, I hope a Scrin blackhole will suck their headquarters into outer space.
I was hoping for a good single-player, Frostbite 2 would be absolutely splendid for campaigns (No need to CGI, the engine is beautiful enough on its own). I think you're on the right track though: Expect C&C4, hope for C&C:TS.
Meh, don't get your hopes up that high. Generals never had any creative storylines, so anything that comes will be better than the predecessor. Unless, of course, [REDACTED]
That's good news. Knowing EA, though, it'll probably be shit. Mental Omega is my RA3. I miss Westwood.
If the C&CF2P campaign is crap, then Rise of the Reds is my Generals 2.
I suspect my Generals 2 may end up being XCOM: Enemy Unknown...
Yes! They had me worried for a while, there. Should be alright, so long as it isn't just botmatches. But this is interesting; the guy in the interview says their intention is to make Generals 2 a "triple-A experience". This statement makes me very cynical. I don't know about you, but my definition of a "triple-A experience" leans towards highly scripted and linear. I might have to keep a close eye on this.
Aye, EA does tend to use the "we did it for teh three-a XP" whenever they're undoing something good.
Wouldn't surprise me. EA's been floundering horribly lately, and desperately trying to pump a profit out of anything they can get their hands on. And, being the wise group that they are, still haven't figured out that Dragon Age: Origins turned a waaay bigger profit than Dragon Age II (They're money-based attempt at the franchise). Or how CnC4 (The "accessible" one) failed to turn anything even close to a profit unlike every other entry in the series. Or how they have literally never made a F2P game that's turned a profit.

Honestly - I'd really like to see EA turn a profit, because it'd mean they'd finally have had the common sense to just let the devellopers make some quality games that sell themselves.

(PS, nice picture, I mod for Eidos, primarily for Deus Ex!)
Poor choice of words on my part, I manage the Deus Ex forums for Eidos (And help out with Thief's forums). And yeah, C&C4 seemed like a dubious tactic, just like this one. EA knows what the hardcore market wants, they've never made it secret. And the casual market doesn't care about RTS gaming, the very genre makes it too complicated for those who want a "disposable" game. So making Generals 2 try to appease both groups just pisses off the core crowd (Who will then go to the competition, such as Blizzard, Stardock, Gas Powered Games and Relic). And you still aren't attracting the new blood anyways. I've never understood why companies who have hundreds of millions invested in a product will gamble entirely (With poor odds) for perhaps a slightly larger fanbase, rather than just sticking to the garaunteed fans they already have.
The official Eidos forums. They have sections for all their game series in there. And I can't concede making any concessions for the casual audience in a sequel - that's not what a sequel is for. All you're doing is frustrating the people who provide pre-existing, garaunteed sales. If one does want simplified gameplay elements, do a series with simplified gameplay elements. Final Fantasy doesn't make any "casual concessions", and their fanbase slowly grows with each release, as the existing fanbase knows what to expect, and some new players try it out from curiousity. Same goes for Starcraft, Warcraft, The Witcher, Demon Souls/Dark Souls, Sins of a Solar Empire, etc...
"Undoing something good." I see what you did there. :) I now wonder if they're going to start treating C&C like a big-budget triple-A blockbuster...*cough*Call of Duty*cough*
C&C4 was quite strange. I never actually got the chance to play it, but even I could see it didn't do too well. From what I read, it was just that bit too simplified. I mean, why would they get rid of base building? That's an RTS staple. EA needs to understand that good, well crafted games sell well. It's common sense. And you're a Deus Ex modder, eh? Good to see the original is still kicking around. Timeless classic, and one of my all time favourites. Made or seen any interesting mods lately? I really enjoyed The Nameless Mod and Zodiac, but I reckon I should look at another mod or two sometime.
My mistake. But, if you don't mind me asking, which Thief forum? It's my favourite game series ever. As for the casual vs hardcore situation, you make a valid point. It's always a shame when devs let down the hardcore audience of a game or series. It's understandable that they need to appeal to all of a game's audiences (it's good business, after all), but sometimes the hardcore audience is more important than any casual one. The hardcore fans are the ones who care the most, understand the most and often the most vocal. I suppose devs need to strike a balance between audience appeal, but they don't always get the right balance. C&C4 was an example that favoured the casual audience in terms of accessibility, gameplay and systems, and was all the poorer for it. Hopefully EA learned their lesson, or can at least pull this one off better.
Hmm, never looked at the Eidos froums. I'll check that out sometime. It's interesting to look at those games and their fanbases. I've always understood the value of appealing to the hardcore fanbase, but now I'm thinking EA needs to do that more. After all, C&C is a pretty long-running and well-established franchise. Hardcore fans of a series like this know what they want. It's now up to EA to give it to them.
It may work out with a few positives, less resources to download per game, all three universes launch-able from the one exe., the only thing you really have to worry about is if your a Tiberium or Red Alert fan, seeing as all of those 'expansions' will most likely be pricy, as they will be handled by Origin or if ported to the Xbox, the Live marketplace (no steam or retailer competition). They are doing the same thing at the moment with the Simpsons "Tapped out" game on iOS and android.
EA and Victory games says that single player wiil added later this means  (it will never be added) just like to BF ftp.
Just use privacy solution. Play for free and play for our rightful claims.
I managed to get myself released from Wikin incarceration after violating their terms of use after four days.

About the singleplayer, there will be singleplayer AT LAUNCH. It's the skirmish that will be released at launch, and then a couple months later, maybe the Second GLA War campaign will be added.

I'm still sorta pessimistic about the idea of buying alot of DLC to get the full game experience. I think Generals 2 should follow Team Fortress 2's model because: 1. TF2 is a sequel to the TF mod and it's still called "Team Fortress 2", 2. TF2 has continuous live content, 3. TF2's premium model does not have P2W, and finally 4. TF2 is made for fun, not for cash grabbing.
Singleplayer will be added later? That doesn't sound a lot like Command and Conquer. I'm almost ashamed to say this, but I've got a bad feeling about how this project is going to turn out.
yes but that is means to EA and VG (there wont be single player ever to this game) just like when EA made BF free to play they saying that single player will added later but even now they did not added the single player to this game and is going to hapen to generals 2 . EA cire will be sorry about this free to play junk.
If there's no Single Player campaigns and/or the game is not printed on DVD-Rom for sale, I won't give any attention to it. I will also prevent anyone around me to play that game.
There will be SP and they've made it clear it won't be a pay-to-win thing, get your facts straight.
i know frank gibeau says that single player wiil be with generals 2 ftp but is not up to him to say that and its not up to EA cire to say that and its not up to VG team to say that . its up to EA head master and he will never change his mind (uh cmon Sheldonist.its EA !!. please tell me if there any ftp games made by EA and not came ptw?!.)
Do you even know what you're saying? VG can say that because they are working on the game. If you are going to do nothing here on the wiki except just whine over C&C F2P, I'd suggest you to leave.
bioware left EA and give it to VG to make this game and victory games team knew nothing about c&c . after the gen2 beta will open it will be a 99% fail and worse than c&c4 . and   victory games will turned in defeted games . i wil be happy when i heared that EA fired EA cire and jon van caneghem and see their look in their faces when they know they out!!.
The people in Victory Games do know about C&C. Eric Krause was a staff member of the cnc-inside.com and then a German C&C community manager. Victory Games are now determined not to screw this game up. ZeeHypnotist actually said that the game was impressive, and yet before he was against the F2P change. If the game fails anyway, I will look forward to Wargame: AirLand Battle and Act of War 2, which AoW plays more like C&C rather than the new C&C themselves.
there is a misunderstanding between you and me Sheldonist. i also want generals 2 (ftp) to be great game of history of c&c . but i saying that because im afraid from the free to play model. if the single player will come back later then great . and i like editting with you and with privatejfx141 of course the pages of generals 2 the c&c on tweter saying that the first people who will play generals 2 is the people who buy the (c&c the ultimate collection)!!! YES YES!.i heard it from CNCZ.com the CNCZ member sonic saying that . so what are we waiting for?. lets buy it right now
Learn how to type proper English. This is an encyclopedia, not an online chat.
lets say Generals 2 will have single player but what about the (real life actors)?.is Generals 2 will have actors like Kane, Dr.thrax,EVA ,etc.....i wish KANE to be the new leader of the GLA becaues the GLA is the NOD,s best friend!!.
Btw, if the game is C&C f2p, why are upcoming articles still have the (Generals 2) segment? Shouldn't they be under (C&C 2013), or something like that?
Because Generals 2 is a "sub-game" of sorts in C&C 2013. The new C&C will be a platform for new C&C games, meaning that Gens 2 is not the only one in the pipeline.
From what I heard from the forums, I doubt that Victory Games will add sequels and subtitles to the new sub games. It's just going to be: Tiberium Universe, Red Alert Universe, and Generals Universe, not C
CnC5, RA4, and Gen 2. (My comment got cut off)