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User blog:Sheldonist/C&C 2013 officially cancelled

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As you may have heard so far, Command & Conquer (2013) has been officially cancelled. Victory Games staff has been fired and Command & Conquer has an uncertain future.

Since the NDA has been lifted some time ago, you are free to post all related material you can currently get to. The game's servers are still reported to be online, as the team released a patch on Monday before they got the message they were closed, so make the most of your time available for archiving.

Comments[edit | edit source]

the problems is: there's good chance it will be an half-@$$ed present for 20th anniversary of Command and Conquer franchise
So we won't see those three generals that weren't revealed? There was one general from the GLA and two of them from the APA.
That's really sad :( and to think how much i have waited on this game, then suddenly BOOM C&C 2013 has been cancelled. i was looking forward to a brighter C&C future.
Compare with Westwood Studios, EA didn't done good enough to continue C&C's legend. So it is a good thing that it is cancelled. Until someone who are qualified enough to bring C&C back to its throne, C&C is as well as remain dormant.
Um they already did break away from EA. They formed Petroglyph Games a company made up of former Westwood Employees...
Perhaps Westwood can break away from EA, become independent again, and remake Tiberian Dawn on the SAGE engine.
Umm, Westwood Studios has been closed by EA since 2003.
oh come on... dont say that, EA made the best and to me,unforgettable game, generals and zero hour. i know EA had bad posture, but one day CNC will come back. maybe it can`t be EA but itcould be anyone
I have to say this was certainly abrupt.C&C is older tahn windows, I imagine it may be back in a few years. I would say this is unprecedented but it's not the 1st time that the C&C team was disbanded (after C&C 4 all EALA folk were axed). But I imagine we will be in silence for awhile
"Older than Windows?" Windows 1.0 was released in 1985.
Sheldonist: Allow me to clarify, older than the Windows that we have come to know today, when it became the big OS that every computer used
I am not really sure what to think of this. It was again EA that is the reason behind C&C 2013's canecallation. Not that they fired Victory Games staff, but from what I heard, they made the generals need-to-be-bought before you can play as them. Typical for EA. Please clarify if I am wrong, but thats what I heard about the game.
Every general was available by playing, or only few as well as only few were available after purchase?
You could've earned the generals by playing or by paying.
Its still sad thoguht, that at least three more generals werent revealed, 2 APA and one GLA, as EU had as of now 8 revelaed, APA 6 and GLA 7. I wonder what they would have been...
Why am I not surprised the game's cancelled? Answer is because EA is running it!(I'm not joking,this cancelation was already on my expectations)
Yeah, I think I also saw that coming, after acknowleged the promising  C&C: Tiberium was cancelled.
If I see more unconstructive fanboy posts, I'm removing the comments section. What has occurred below does not help the Wiki in any way - either make a constructive post or do not post at all. I've already removed an unlogged caps-locked whine, please do not repeat this.
So what will happen to the content here on the wiki? Will the all the new C&C content be put marked as cancelled content, the Second GLA War page be deleted, and the updated pages be simply reverted back before G2's announcement, such as the GLA and Dr. Thrax pages? This was the end of a pretty short era. Like I have been saying all over the place, my hope for RTS now lies with Eugen.
Second GLA War stays. All related content will lose its "upcoming" template, which will be replaced with the "cancelled" one. All information which was concurrent as of the last game build will also stay.
Didn't they say they were keeping the stock gameplay and are switching it away from the multiplier version they started with? I think that's a good move as I prefer single player C&C games with multiplier as a side feature. The campains are fun
If you're talking about this, it's BS. 
Let's see if the people love it to crowdsource and kickstart funds needed to bring this game back to the people who loved playing this game. Create a universal engine that would cross-platform and comprise all the 2D games and 3D games into rich, plush worlds that reinvent how the Command and Conquer Universe is seen by the gaming community.
ea destroyed cnc like they have destroyrd many other titles
Well, that sucks. Big time.