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User blog:Sheldonist/Moving to Gamepedia

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Those of you who have followed the news around the Fallout Wiki you may have noticed that Wiki/Fandom has been doing network-wide changes which wiki admins do not have control over. From their talks with Wiki/Fandom staff, we can clearly see that the folks above are not really interested in wikis, which made them big and popular in the first place, and instead try to focus on forced video content and articles as "quaint" as this one. And we did not forget their forcing of auto-playing video content that can not be changed or removed, or backend updates silently breaking a useful template that was only fixed this year.

The active administration (Ssskoopa and myself) have decided to move over to Gamepedia, which is already home to The Vault the Fallout Wiki made the jump years ago), the Official Witcher Wiki, Wowpedia, and the up-to-date Overwatch Wiki, to name a few. Their business model puts wikis first and everything else second.

We will update this post once the move procedure ends and we get an official URL.