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User blog:Sheldonist/New C&C info in Canard PC

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Hello everyone.

The French magazine Canard PC has released an exclusive six-page special on Command & Conquer (2013), which you can find here and roughly translated here. It's official - the APA is an abbreviation for the Asian-Pacific Alliance, as many have guessed.

That's all for now. Sheldonist

Comments[edit | edit source]

As far as I concern, there's no new C&C until Red Alert 4 is released.
My Prediction About C&CF2P: It Will Suck and it will be Great;

It Will Suck Because its Free to Play and you have to pay to buy units, buildings, Etc.

It will be Great because it use the Frostbite 2 Game Engine with new Visual Effects, Relastic Stuff, Etc.

My Recomedation? Dont get this Game neiter the beta or you Are F***ed.
Also, games are never measured by their graphics. Period.
Sadly, thats what VG are thinking. They think that Gen2 will be an awsome cnc game only because of the FB2 engine
This is probably the 1000th time we already said this, but VG said the game will not pay to win and the devs know that it will destroy the game. I agree with Privatejfx141 on his blog the devs should still call it Generals 2.
I enjoyed Generals 2, but if this new version wants money to be able to win anything, i cant see the point. I am 55 now, so if that is the case, i will stick with the version i already got lol.
Looks like some of the users were right after all with the name "Asian Pacific Alliance".
Very interesting, especially about the factions. Still disappointed in the lack of singleplayer campaign (as I honestly never spent much time with multiplayer), but it's good to see they're trying to avoid imbalance caused by microtransactions.
Yeah, I noticed that recently. Hopefully it's something worth playing.
In one of the articles, they said that there will be singleplayer campaigns in the future. 
fainelly!!. some apa units but i put my eyes on the gla new units because i love the gla . can you smeeeeellll what the global liberation army is cooking in generals 2 !!!!.
to bad that the usa will not be in generals 2 action.very bad 
You know, EA is a bouch of race traitors. Just like they betrayed we C&C commanders.
To HOPE1134: EA was founded in 1982 in the city of San Diego, therefore they are Americans. And they allowed GLA to kick their fatherland's ass in Zero Hour, even kick American out of the so-called General 2 themselves. So they're solid race traitors.
To Privatejfx141: North Point has many traits of Japan, according to Japanese page of ACE Combat 04 in Wikipedia. Besides, Namco didn't allow Markov throw a Tritiry bomb over Tokyo. To Jonesy95: So we can understand why United States and humankind always get their asses kicked by foreign countries and aliens during recent years. Simple enough, too many race traitors.
To Hawki: Not exactly, in China, fiction authors always set China to be a planetary superpower and take over all opposing factions. Because we Chinese love our own fatherland.
To HOPE1134: *going offtopic* That's your problem. China loves you no matter you love China or not.
Erm, so Eugen Systems are also race traitors by having France being nuked in Wargame: European Escalation because they are French, Namco being race traitors for having Osea (United States/Japan counterpart) being a dictatorship in Ace Combat and not having Japan appear in Ace Combat Assualt Horizon because they are Japanese?
Meh, besides, the United States and Japan are the two most likely candidates to be added in Generals 2. It is a F2P service.
I suppose Blizzard must be traitors to the human race for all those times the Terrans got defeated by the Zerg and Protoss.
Yes, because writing works of fiction is the equivalent of betrayal. Let me know if such absurdity ever becomes rational.
Well they were defeated by the GLA in ZH, I'm not surprised that they are not returning. 
Race traitors? 
@Dog *going offtopic* I'm Chinese and I don't love my fatherland, I don't give a damn about that country. 
CNCSaga says that the NDA will be lifted on Feb 25. Six more days to go until we know the names of the units and buildings, and the upcoming beta.