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User blog:Sheldonist/New official C&C game announced - C&C: Rivals

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Command & Conquer: Rivals has been announced at EA Play today.

Comments[edit | edit source]

Why do they keep on making mobile/MMOs or going overboard, all they have to do is just a solid good old fashion game on PC
@Ssskoopa yeah, its really sad but true
"RTS games are simply not popular anymore" say only corporations who no longer want to make RTS because they're too lazy.
That's not gonna happen. RTS games are simply not popular anymore and EA sure as hell won't make games if they won't bring in enough profit. Plus, they've literally fired everyone that knows how to make an RTS after CNC4 and Generals 2.

Let's just ignore it and stick with MODs. There are so many shootings in United States, I wish next trigger-happy spree will occur in EA’s headquarter.

Banned for 6 months to cool off.
Seriously dude? That's a bit too far, don't you think?
I'll be honest, I'd rather see this canceled, like the rest before it...
I think I see flame tanks, Orcas and mammoth tanks in the game.
Who cares. we got our mods! here is a funny prediction that will never happen: EA made a Classic Command And Conquer Game that is the right RTS, the game we all wanted for so long in the upcoming years! or some good company buys the liscence of CnC and made a profer RTS Game we have waited for so long.
OH BOY, CAN'T WAIT TO SPEND $5 OF MY OWN MONEY ON IN-GAME CURRENCY TO BUY AN EXTRA HARVESTER! Seriously, can EA just stop pissing on the grave of C&C?
Jesus fuck. Saw the rumor of this on Reddit a while back, was hoping it wasn't real. And just when I thought EA couldn't possibly sink any lower...
After killing the franchise with Tiberian Twilight, we now get the "privilige" of seeing its corpse paraded around. :(