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User blog:Sheldonist/Project Separation

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Greetings, wiki lovers.

It has come to our attention that many Tiberian Dawn articles have Renegade images and data. Although they are, by canon, concurrent, they are completely different and related to completely different games.

Some articles have the two completely merged (like so) or just have a picture or two to connect them (like so).

For this reason, I have started Project Separation to deal with this. Everything that is related to Renegade must be removed from Tiberian Dawn articles and placed in appropriate Renegade articles.

Hit me up if you need more information on this.

Thank you, Sheldonist

Comments[edit | edit source]

Then we need 5 pages for Kane: Kane (Tiberian dawn),Kane (Tiberian Sun), Kane (Tiberium war), Kane (Tibrian twilight), Kane (red alert), Kane (renegade), Kane (disambigation), kane (character)......
That's for units only, as they are often designed differently, have different stats, different dependencies, etc. Characters are a constant.
It has come to our attention that this site needs like 3 or 4 pages just to explain on one topic. Some people are just too messy and didn't like the idea of putting everything in 1 place.
That is because so many things differ significantly from game to game. For instance, Harvesters from Tiberian Dawn and from Tiberium Wars are completely different. Ingame data is also unique.