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User blog:Sheldonist/Recap of recent developments

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Hey everyone! I'm Sheldonist and I'm the new secondary administrator here at Command & Conquer Wiki. In this blog, I'd like to recap the recent events in the C&C world.

First, as we all know, Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is the next major C&C game, scheduled for release in 2013. This was speculated in November already, as people skillful in searching the net found some information that would be confirmed a month later. Low-end computer users will unfortunately have to upgrade, as it will use the same Frostbite 2 engine as Battlefield 3. So far, only a few screenshots and a teaser trailer have been revealed at Spike TV Video Game Awards 2011. Two factions are known, the European Union and the GLA, while the third faction remains a mystery for now. DLCs have been announced, including factions, campaigns, units etc. The team at BioWare Victory has already been interviewed numerous times. You can see them all here.

Another C&C game that's in development is Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, which is a free-to-play browser game made by EA Phenomic. It's still in beta phase, so you can apply on their official website. Unfortunately, the teaser trailer was panned by many people still wanting Westwood to return, so it will surely be spoken of like Tiberian Twilight upon release. Don't try to ask beta players for info, as they're not allowed to make a single squeak about it.

The community also has projects of its own. Community Battlecast Primetime, a spiritual sequel to the original Battlecast Primetime show, has begun airing and already has 6 episodes, including most of the features of its idol and focusing on community happenings. C&C Legos is well into the fourth season, this time focusing on Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. CnCSaga.com has begun posting a Let's Play series on Tiberium Wars. Even though it's in French, it may come in handy.

Last but not least, the Command & Conquer Wiki has enabled the Chat feature, now available to all registered users.

That's all for now. Keep C&C alive!

Comments[edit | edit source]

I sense that in General 2, Carbon footprint can become source of money
Yeah, a bit zainey, I agree; althought it could be an interesting concept...
Where did you people get this from?
Say whut?
You should make this an independent wiki.
Some of their interface changes...making things simpler and the dumbing down of certain aspects may not always be the best for more old-schooled admins and users, but at least Wiki has a very strong community and support network.
Wiki's fine, IMO :P