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User blog:Sheldonist/Unlogged edits disabled

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Greetings, editors.

Following a history of unlogged users' edits being more of rollback candidates than constructive additions, I have disabled unlogged edits on Command & Conquer Wiki. This will mean that unlogged users can still see pages, images and videos like they could before, but if they want to edit or create new pages and files, they are required to sign up first. Hopefully this will ease moderation to some extent.

Comments[edit | edit source]

That idea is better to avoid page vandalism.....
It actually did. That was the intention, after all. I do want to make it a temporary change, but we'd need a way to police the articles regularly. Combined with real lives of our skeleton staff, and the projects around the C&C community that I'm part of, that's not feasible for the time being.
Still that much people around CnC ?