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User blog:Ssskoopa/Incoming transmission (Part 3 of 3)

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Corona MCV.jpg
Corona conyard.jpg
Corona build method.gif
Corona AA car.jpg
Corona AA gun.jpg
Corona fenghuang.jpg
Corona fenghuang2.jpg
Corona T2 ship.jpg
Corona T3 ship.jpg
Corona tech.jpg
Corona war factory.jpg
Corona war factory gun.jpg


Coming SoonTM.png

Red Alert 3: Corona, a partial-conversion mod for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3


  • A completely new fourth faction, with its own building mechanics and other unique features.
  • New units and structures for all three vanilla factions, including Tier 4 epic units.
  • Changes and additions to vanilla units, most notably naval units.
  • Stunning visual effects.
  • And possibly more to come...

Coming soon(TM)...

Comments[edit | edit source]

New faction has exceptional detail.

From what I can tell, the Corona faction is likely a futuristic Chinese faction based on its architecture and the image of the mod itself. I bet it features solar/plasma technology, at least judging by the name of the faction.

The Fenghuang aircraft is named after a mythological bird in China, further proving what I stated above.
Will the April Fools RA3 Mammoth Tank be Soviet's "Tier 4" epic unit? Or is there a more menacing epic unit in mind? A more serious question: If Empire also receives the same treatment as the other factions in regards to epic units, what would become of the Giga Fortress?
Unfortunately, the Mammoth Tank will not be the Soviet T4 unit. Instead, we plan on something different, like the T-Rex that ate Yuri (XD). Seriously though, it's gonna be something else. And we plan on reworking the Giga Fortress into the Empire's T4 unit, there may be changes though.
Looks like I got interest on RA3. 
Do you guys have a ModDB page?
Not yet, we plan on making one though, once we make more progress.