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User blog:Tagaziel/Tiberium covers

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It's a slow time for Command & Conquer news, so I've done some digging on Tiberium. Here's the result:

These are all potential covers for Tiberium, as created by Blind graphic design company. Enjoy!

Note: The fugly Xbox 360 strip at the top has been removed for your viewing pleasure.

Comments[edit | edit source]

Very nice images. Too bad there aren't any bigger to use them as wallpapers.
There are probably posters that have these images. The picture on the very bottom would look great on a poster.
you mean tiberium was going to be for the xbox only? that fails more than c&c4!
I'm going to cry
nice images
sobs* how could the morons at EA can such a glorious game? WHY? WHY GOD WHY!!!
Some of them look like Dead Space (2)