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User blog:Tagaziel/Wiki update

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Since we had a mandatory update to Oasis, the navigation of the site has been revamped. Please comment if you run into any problems you can't fix with a page edit or if pages are unreachable.

On a brighter note, the Wiki now contains over 50 images more, scrounged up from pages and portfolios of artists who worked on various aspects of Command & Conquer games (most of them are from Tiberium Wars, although a priceless beta harvester scan was kindly provided to the community by dauntless trooper Nyerguds).

New images are added daily, so this is not the end, far from it!

Comments[edit | edit source]

Westwood is great! EA Fuck You, You Ruin it.
I did have a problem with keeping links in a page on their lines. I did get this fixed but I don't know if all other users know the solution this problem (I went into source coding to fix it).