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Red Alert 4??[edit | edit source]

Hi, does anyone know if EA is currently developing a Red Alert 4?? I have a nice plot for it.

The Allies go back in Time and stop Anatoly from killing Einstein. Than they go back in Time and Stop Einstein from killing Hitler. Than, Germany's Third Reich will wage another war and this Time, The Allies and Soviets must work together and stop Adolf Hitler's Son so that he won't wage nuclear war on the world.

Comments[edit | edit source]

I prefer RA 4 without:

1 Nazis & Hitler

2 Screwing with the timeline again

Actually that dude who posted long comment with a plot about 4th GLA-like Middle Eastern faction has good ideas.


Guys who say "RA3 sucked".... you know somethin', YOU SUCK. 
E.A must take something in cosideration , they have to keep the RA3 system , that is the only to allow you to get involved with the 3 elements (Land, Water and Air) , don't ruin the EPIC RA3, do not return to RA2\YR system. The rest just do your work E.A , give us a super game with a fascinating story and challenging missions. Amazing Aircrafts battles , naval and land engagements with PURE MICRO as RA3 ^^
Stop using Than wrong fool!
Blizzard has teamed with EA to develop RA4. It is supposed to be on the same game engine as Starcraft 2. They have not said much about the plot and there has not been a release date announced due to the fact that they don't want to take any attention away from Generals 2, which will be released first. I sure hope they give us back our ability to build as many units as we want. The 50 unit limit that they had in RA3 is some bullshit
Source? There won't be a retail RA4 since now all new C&C games will be developed as part of the Command & Conquer Platform with the Frostbite 2 engine, which Generals 2 will be released first.
I think that was an April Fools joke. Check your source and the date.
Isent the 50 unit limit only on games consoles whereas on computer you can have unlimited amount of units?
   My Own Red Alert 3 expansion pack to 4 to 5 story line

after the victory of allied over japan and the soviets, the war still ongoing between the allied and the soviets the japan already surrenders,the soviets still fighting to take over,but then, the former premieres adviser (kane) has taken his place,then he takes control the soviet union,but an unknown man (kane) came from another universe (tiberium, a masked kane that look like darth revan, to hid his identity as the premiers adviser) has establish yuri Faction w/c started a new psychic Domination, (w/out einstein non of the yuri's revenge allied ending will going to happened) then, the war has reach its climax in an allied victory, the soviet ending in the ruins of kremillin, the soviet commander is lying down dying, then  the yuri leader has revealed the truth dat the adviser and the yuri leader is only one(some kind of illusion) then after the soviet commander has knew the truth an allied shut down the soviet commander, the soviet commander is dead, the allied field marshall ordered to kill the soviet commander then the post credit scene that i want ,that the allied field marshall revealing that he is kane that he ordered einsteins assisstant to build a time machine, Red Alert 4 the project is now finished, the field marshall ordered them to stop the soviet men for killing einstein, then the field marshall uses the time machine first w/o anyone knowing, then kane go back in time to assassinate hitler (not erasing him)(he go back to kill hitler before einstein),so hitlers adviser takes hitlers place and becoming the new dictator of germany, the dictator believed this is  the soviets doing so the Germany Has declared war on the soviets, the germany has established a new faction called the central powers,the dictator wants revenge because of there loss of ww1,then the 2 allied general and einsteins assisstant has use the improved time machine to stop the soviet men in 1927 (they got there in a diff Timeline),but when they use it w/out knowing that the time machine has been sabotage,the time machine has malfunction and the 3 allied men stuck in 1927, then the world has set back to 1927 then the future never existed so a new WW2 has began between a 3 powers  the Allied,Soviets and the Central, the war has goes through 1939 to 1954, the ending were kane is establishing an Army call NOD, then the red alert 2 invasion scene will change into nod, Red Alert 4: A New Dawn Then the red alert 2 timeline has changed,the new WW3 has began, then the nod  invade usa and tries to invade russia to take over the world so the soviet and the allies delclare war on nod, the ending is were the US allies has been defeated in a nod victory but the soviet still in war with the Red Alert 4: Dawn of the Tiberium Age After the WW3, the soviets and the nod still in war,then the nod researches TIBERIUM,they use it  Against the soviets to take over russia,The European Allies Still fighting the nod to stop them before they were Taken over, the nod launches a tiberium missile to hit several countries to take over those countries, then the War Still Goes On Command and Conquer Tiberium Apocalypse: After the events of the Last game the war still goes on and the NOD is gaining power, so the allies and the soviets has join forces to stop nod for Creating a new Human Evolution and Take over,so they establish a new Power called GDI, to Defeat NOD, the North and South america,Africa,Australia and half of Asia is now Covered w/ Tiberium,so the GDI Takes Back One of those Continent that Being taken so a new warfare has began, THE NOD has been defeated in a GDI victory Command and Conquer Tiberium Apocalypse  Expansion Pack:

The Last and Final is about to begin, After the GDI Victory kane and the nod is not yet finished so kane turn himself into a superweapon to finish GDI,and then kane has been defeated but they discover is was only a clone, so the final base or the main base of nod, so the GDI attacked Area 51 the main base of nod,Then there was a secret dimension (a Portal to the world of the tiberium series) were Kane is about to escaped, then kane succesfully escaped this world then the GDI Wons The Tiberium War, then all the nod occupations in the world is now Free, were the story is ended Plss no Shitty Comments :) 
Because once Allies try to stop Cherdenko from killing Einstein, Nazi will still be destroyed in the right history. Adolf Hitler's son isn't a bad idea but I wonder if he cares about his father's scheme, moreover the storyline "Father dies, Son revenges" can't be able to attract fans anymore.

In my opinion, Red Alert 4 must continue after the victory of Allies Story in Red Alert 3 (not Expansion), when Cherdenko and Krukov was imprisoned. One corrupted Allies supreme leaders want to start "Time Machine" project again after some documents about it was found in Moscow, they secretly build their own power by the name Special Unit of Allies: New Future Unit (N.F.U). They forced Doctor Zelinsky to handle that project. Because doctor Zelinsky doesn't want to see the future to be changed again so he denied, therefore he was assassinated by someone who belongs to Allies Force but it fails. Doctor Zelinsky tries to escape from Allies and meet former officers of Soviet and Nazi. They formed into the U.S.S.R to destroy the Allies. They successfully claimed the control of Russia territory and raise the army to attack Allies.

Allies after failed in entice Dr.Zelinsky to lead the project Time Machine, N.F.U found another devil-science to carry out the project. Allies has a civil war between 2 powers: Original Allies (Allies) and New Future Unit (N.F.U). Allies tries to stop N.F.U in continuing the project and prevent the attack of Soviet. With the advanced technologies, Allies easily push back the attack of U.S.S.R but it's the trap. N.F.U secretly made an agreement with Soviet to attack Allies, in fact they used Soviet as the pawn to buy some time for finishing the Project. When Soviet and Allies realized that trap, it's too late. Doctor Zelensky has no choice to rebuild another Time Machine to bring the Coalition Army of Allies and Soviet to the past and stop N.F.U. They meet former officers of 2 powers Allies and Soviet in the past and persuade them to cooperate to destroy N.F.U.
In every successor game that'll be released should be changed and should have a new gameplay and plot. Yeah it's good that they create the new game franchise near to its predecessor like the Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge, but it is not always that way Game developers always looking forward to create a new world, a new game, a new story. That's why Red ALert 3 and Uprising is very different from Red Alert 2 and Yuri. Game evolution should be obsereve, as a saying goes: "You Cannot Please Everybody" some will like it and some will hate it.. Well, I am a big fan of C&C games, like C&C 3 Tiberium Wars, C&C 4 Tiberian Twilight, C&C Red Alert 2 and Yuri, and C&C Red Alert 3 and it's Expansion Pak the Uprising. I never compared those games, instead I enjoying everytime I played, loved the adrenaline rush and events that went on the game, and just loving the fact that they were different from each other, like, game evolution is like an ice cream, you dont wanna like all the ice creams tastes the same.
WOW I LOVE THE PLOT........ (^_^)
the better plot will be: The present germany (part of allies) discoverd documents and articles regarding the original timeline (the real world where there is Nazi empire); it came into their hands because Albert Einstein (who was possessing the documents) originally planned to correct his mistakes by telling the allied commanders the real "reality" and stopping himself (his past self) from killing Adolf Hitler because he realized that the soviet threat is far greater than world war 2, and messing with time has greater consequences, however unluckily Anataloy Cherdenko killed/erased him before he executes the plan but the documents still survived due to that they were not on his hands when he was "killed/erased"; the present Germany after discovering the real "reality" thus resented and felt that they could have been a super power on their own (like the empire of the rising sun) thus ? they secretly sabotaged their allied commrades and stole & coppied various thecnologies from the future tech, but at the same time pointing their hands at Sovites (telling the other allied nations that it was the soviets who did it) thus reserving all the allied weapons and thechnologies for themselves..... and soon they became the leaders of the european union. (unknown to other members of EU it was all germany's plot). the USA and other non-EU allied members however eventually discovered germany's treachery and the "real reality", thus forcing them to develop their own weaponry and waging war on Germany. thus the "new allies" (without EU) persuaded the Soviet Union (who is now not under a crazy bastard stupid dictator!) to join them and "correct everything" (afterall the USA and soviets became the only two super powers after WW2!) germany (now called the third reich or fourth reich) on the other hand persuded the empire of the rising sun to stop the allies and soviets ( since they were the original allies in rality) thus to maintain their respective empires. (and japan will realize they will not rise to power if they do not help germany becuase of the hiroshima and nagasaki bombing in the original "reality"); making the red alert 4 a 2 vs 2 (US led allies & soviets vs the third reich & empire of the rising sun) and a fun,crazy, and exciting race through time .
whow its very good 
great plot and all but i think we should try and work with this universe not screw around with time travel any more unless we have to. i think an interesting plot line would be a bunch of imperial communists that are following ways similar to the roman empire and the legions (i have more details but i don't wanna post em). they have a secret city in the pacific ocean floating (like the floating fortresses) where they start staging attacks against America taking LA and pushing foward untill the united states is half it's original size. the Empire in an alliance with the empire of the rising sun makes tech that is superior to that of the allies who eventually counter this threat and so are ready to start fighting back. meanwhile the soviets rebuild with the world fighting against the Phoenix Empire (that is what i call the legions), and prepare to stage their own attacks. so the world is gearing up for another world war with the Alliance headed by great briton and the Europeans, the Sovet Union and lastly the Phoenix Empire.
yuri should be working with hitler
I actually really like that. Put the Germans in as Yuri-like units, keep the other current three as is. Would be so many kinds of epic.
wait wait wait, GUYS, all of you here are giving your insights on what you think would happen in RA4 but they're all about germans and Nazis and all that.

i have some questions, if anyone would be so kind to answer them, thank you in advance:

first of all, where did this whole German/Nazi/Hitler thing come from? sorry im not too good with history :(

second of all (and this is my main concern), WHAT ABOUT YURI?
Einstein deleted hitler, And yuri was stalin's psychic assistant. Yuri was shown in Red alert 2 as the C.E.O of the Soviet Psycorps. Then he plans to dominate the whole world using his psychic dominators, but the soviet and allies joined forces to stop him.
I think you're all forgetting how bad-ass Yuri was. We need him back.
where'd d empire of d rising sun? hope yuri as 4th faction 

RA4 Plot should be: After the Uprising The Allies get distracted about the news of Rupert Thornley and his Sigma Harmonizer also about Yuriko's rampage on the cryo prison They don't know what to do regarding bringing peace and capitalism throughout the world pulling forces investigating and defending there homefront in case of future threats.

As the Empire slips in rejuvenate the armies of the Rising Sun, Tatsu discovered the lab destroyed by Yuriko only to find out some of the hidden Yuriko clones survived the destruction. Unknowing to her as she get back to the destroyed lab she felt displeased and wants to destroy the clones but Tatsu saw her she tells about her pain that she went though during the war. Tatsu sympathize her and she granted her a new life Yuriko confesses his love for Tatsu and to his surprise he agrees to be his wife. The Yuriko clones are not destroyed coz Tatsu granted her full control of the clones and a new lab was rebuiled. Visiting Oki Island Emperor Yoshiro who thought to be dead is alive and he faked his death much to both his son and Yuriko shocked Yoshiro walks toward his son and tell him that there is no Divine Destiny he envisioned and it was all the Soviet work for the Empire to rise and so he passed the Shogunate leadership and his title of Emperor to Tatsu. Yuriko wanted to be his wife and tells her pain and his father agrees. Together they will rebuiled the new and rejuvinated Empire.

The Soviet retrieval force are sent in to rescue Cherdenko and Krukov only to see Krukov survived and lie to the Soviets that Cherdenko was killed by the Allies (In truth he killed the frozen Cherdenko by jealousy with a pistol) Krukov now back to the motherland and now the new Premier and tells his lies to the people but most importantly the Soviet Union will rise again.

In the Middle East the army and militia are sick of the tyranny of both the Allies and the Soviets and they are aware of the feared technology of the Empire. But they discovered an Alien Crystal and an Unknown Battleship full of the technology buried in there lands. Former Soviet scientists, defected Allied scientist, scientist of the Middle East and Thornley's escaped men and Thornley himself researched it's technology to it's full potential but Thronley dies before he can tell the world by the hands of the people. They gather it and use it for their own purposes. The Middle Eastern leaders aware of there discovery and they hide it from the tyranny's eyes and ears. The army became mercenaries in secret created mercenary camps to earn money for there homeland across the world. But not only that they also raiding and pillaging the EU and the Soviets supplies and stealing there vehicles, tanks, and even aircraft they also do this to Asian countries including China and Japan as well. Due to this the Allies and Soviets blamed at each other but they will not engage war until they are at full power.

Year 2000 and the Soviet War Machine was revived once again are going set march on their full scale invasion against the Allies but as they gonna set foot on Allied lands the Allies had a surprise air raid in the Soviets. Not only that the FutureTech Lab and Amsterdam are under attack by the Empire. the Soviets take control of China against the Empire as most of the Chinese people support Communism while some Chinese don't still support the Empire. The Shogun Executioner sets foot on Middle Eastern territory only do be destroyed by terrorists, militia, stolen desolators, car bombs, bomb trucks, angry mobs, and powerful infantry divisions. All 3 factions forces set foot in the Middle East only to be also destoyed great ambush and by them there forces destoyed, hijacked, savaged, as the new enemy rises from the ground, surprising all 3 forces. As the Middle East shows there army with the warning just like The Empire did in RA3. And now a new world war rises! Who invades who? who will win who will fall?
I Agree! from all RTS Games that i played, there is nazis i think this the only game that theres no nazi,

Maybe Central Powers From WW1 would be Great
In RA4 there should be a new faction The Middle Eastern Coalition (MEC) along with the Soviets, Allies and The Empire of the Rising Sun. The MEC is and arab-muslim GLA-like faction. They fight for world domination and creation of a global Islamic-Sharia caliphate.
actually this doesnt work. if a mec is to be established, the main goal would be first to take away with western influence in the area. then. for once, the allies start the war, they dont want their influence in the middle east to go away so they start a war against the mec in an attempt to regain control
what nonsense, how about U.S.A,Europe,africa,china,russia and japan

How about this,

Yuri survives the dinosaur attack and tries to travel forward in time. But due to damage he can only travel so far and ends up in a time when humans are still in mud huts. It is there that he meets Kane who tells him that he will help him get back to his time. But in return Yuri must promise to build him an army. Yuri agrees and Kane reveals to him a heavily damaged alien space ship (apart of the one that nod has in the Tiberium universe) which propels Yuri forward in time. He lands somewhere in the Middle East just as the empire attacks the soviets. Yuri finds the brotherhood of nod, a small cult hiding out in the middle east, whose instructions are to wait for the Kanes priest. Using locations that kane gave to him, Yuri sends out the cult to find scrin artifacts scattered across the world while mind controlling more and more people into the cause. He then uses that technology and his own to secretly create an army of highly ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY and militia. After the uprising, Dasha is now the new premier of the USSR, which is slowly recovering. But Dasha is not intent on a puppet nation which the allies control, so she seeks the aid of the chinese who greatly increase their strength with the chinese as their allies. Tatsu now sees to the national repair of a devastated japan. To honour his father he travels to the ancient burial site of many emperors, however upon arriving at his fathers mound, he finds a secret bunker which houses a alien artifact.  he then uses this to help rebuild japans economy and raise an imperial army buffed by alien tech. Meanwhile the allies use the talents of doctor gregor zelinski to create the first nuclear bomb in this timeline. Yuri has almost completed his collection of alien tech but requires one more piece. 9 years later the year is 1995 and the empire has declared war on the allies. It is then that the allies drop a nuclear bomb on japan, however japan was able to goad the allies into using there most powerful weapon to no effect because of the alien technology they were able to protect themselves. Dasha by now had stepped down and a new leader had taken her position and his name was Lenin Howard. Dasha received reports on this matter and recalled general krukov stating something about a nuclear bomb and ordered his rescue while the allies were preoccupied by the empire. After general krukov had explained nuclear weapons, Lenin ordered the kidnapping of doc zelinski. zelinski then started developing plans for nuclear reactors eventually setting russia and china into a mass production craze to get payback on the allies and japanese. Meanwhile The allies get a distress signal from Italy. they investigate  to find the tiberium meteorite, several infected humans and unknown to them the brotherhood of nod. Yuri had sent forces prior based on info Kane gave him to extract the new substance. The allies eventually defeat the nod base but nod gets away with some tiberium. The allies then consult to the GDI who are a black ops organization on the subject of the brotherhood of nod. The GDI say that they have been investigating them for some time now but still don't know who they are, then GDI teams up with allies. Yuri has now set up bases across the world, he then broadcasts an ultimatum stating join us willingly, or have your will taken from you. From then the army is known as Yuris army.  The communists (russia and china) are now using their replenished army and nuclear warheads to attack the japanese and allies but stop once krukov and zelinski warn the communists of what Yuri will plan to do with psychic dominators. In hawaii the allies and japanese clash but accidentally set of a psychic dominator alerting them to Yuris plan. The allies trace Yuris army to the himalayas in china, while the japanese, using their advance psionic machines detect the main base of operations for the psychic dominators in the Himalayas, and the russians are requested by china to deal with a threat of three armys amassing in the himalayas. The last mission for the soviets and allies is them facing off with most of their armys there, natasha and tanya have a fight to the death as well, then the chinese and forces loyal to lenin howard, who reveals himself to be Kane: suddenly break off from the communists and join yuris army as per yuris plan all along which was to get his enemies armys in one place and mind control them all. However the mind controlling station is destroyed by the japanese (explained in their final mission) making the russians and allies team up and destroy yuris and chinas forces. The japanese final mission is them assaulting the mind controlling relay stations to stop them from activating the psychic dominators. There is a showdown between yuriko and yuri then japan is forced to use a psionic decimator on the relay station which sent out an frequency destroying any unit in the japanese army which had alien tech used in the design. later the surviving russian, allied and japanese forces meet and form a treaty to hunt down remaining forces of yuris army, destroy the psychic dominators and deal with the extraterrestrial substance known as tiberium which has begun spreading, it is then that they become the Global Defense Initiative.

That would make it the exact same as OTL WWII. Except Hitler's son randomly appeared and got nukes.
At the end of second war, hitler scape in alien space ship. Than he return to conquer the world.
Iron Sky already did that, sort of.
space nazi
The best plot would be:

Yuri, in this alternate timeline, was discovered by the Omega Program, contacted and later convinced to work with the research at Shiro Sanitarium. From there, he supervised the development of Izumi, Yuriko, the Yuriko clones and the Psionic technologies.

After the events of the war and the uprising, he decided that the time to carry out his plan had come. In order to conquer the world, he had hacked the production and, when the three major powers of the world were too weak to respond, he activated the Psychic Network he secretly had been developing, and gained access and control over all the psionic users and devices.

Now, the Allies struggle to maintain the control of the world, the Soviet Union is having its second revolution, and the Empire is rising again. Who is going to dominate the new world, now that Yuri's Psychic Dominion has come to play?
What? travelling thru time again?
yuri will use ISIS to take over the world
Are there new forces?
well, as of this moment we do not know new C&C would be but.....................In my strong feelings, they will bring back Generals.
Funny what if The Westwood Try to go back in time to Stop EA FCKIN ALL the serioes!
hmm dunno, its possible
Is this fan fiction?
I'd prefer that EA didn't fuck up the Red Alert series any more.
Thank you!!! I really do want to see a Red Alert 4 because I am hoping that they will fix the things that they broke in RA3. I am so sick of hearing how great RA3 was. RA3 SUCKED!!! One of my favorite things about the first 2 was the ability to build up a huge army and then go in and destroy my enemy, but in RA3 you could only build 50 units, WTF? That is just one of the ways that they fucked upmy favorite RTS series. I could go on, but I won't
Luckily there are RA3 mods and addons.
I hope those comments were true.......
This comm. section is

- long - has a lot of good ideas and - lot of truth ( and bullsh*t) - gone for 2 frickin years - has a lot of spellin' mistakes

I hope that we are gonna have a RA4 game somehow related to the franchiase, whit an epic plot and map editor ( "!!BONUS DUCKS!!" If they would have larger maps, no unit count limit, and a new faction.)
Spell dude

5 years nub
I vote we get WestWood to make it the same way Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge were made, and make it more of a sequel to RA 2, because screw RA 3. If they just completely remade 2 with the game engine used on 3, I would buy like 8 copies just because.
Nostalgia fag detected! Screw not RA3! Screw game holywars! For peace between games and fans.
RA 3 was alright. You are just a nostalgia fag filled with rage.
RA 2 was just an all around good game.
No Nazis please, RA is about a world without Hitler coming to power and I prefer it to stay that way. 
So basically WW2 where the nazis win? :p
Not very good the problem is that the allies dont know about enstien since he doesnt exist anymore
I think they should have U.S.A the E.U the empire of the rising sun russia china india isreal and the arab union
And belgium?(or the benelux)

I think they should have a unique unit (like France, Korea,...)

Cause Belgium was the founding father of the EU.

And the office's of the EU is in Brussels (the capital city of Belgium).
Right on!!
and what if that future tech lady is yuri´s kid and she seeks to know where her father is 

so she makes an army of her one. to look for information of her fathers where abouts 

and she comes acros the soviet guy that made the time machine and some other fellos in the prison 

she gets yuri and goos back to the present then 

yuris says: fuck this lets stay in the present blows up the time machine 

can someone continu??