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User blog:Vorknkx/Fixing the top-of-the-map crash in C&C 95

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For my first blog post here, I decided to give you a bit of useful information.

While Nyerguds's 1.06c patch is awesome and improves the game in many ways, some oldschool maniacs (like myself) occasionally prefer to play the original 1.04a version of C&C 95, from the days when Westwood still existed... before the dark times; before EA.

One of the most annoying bugs that could haunt you in this version of the game is a crash that happens whenever one of your units gets to the top of the map. This is not only extremely frustrating, but it also makes certain missions impossible to complete.

How to fix this - it's surprisingly easy. Just press Ctrl-Alt-Del and go to the tab, which shows the currently running processes. Find the process ctfmon and stop it. This will effectively eliminate this bug and let you play in peace.

Also, to reduce the probability of bugs & glitches, make sure you turn on the following compatibility options for C&C95.exe - "Run in 256 colors", "Disable Visual Themes", and "Turn off advanced text services."

There are two important things to keep in mind:

  • Running sophisticated text processing applications (e.g. MS Word) will make the ctfmon process come back - so you may have to kill it again.
  • If you use several languages, your language bar will be disabled as long as ctfmon is away. So you'll have to activate it in order to bring the language selection back online.

Of course, C&C 95 is very old and occasionally you will notice other minor bugs. You will just have to live with them... or upgrade to 1.06c ;)

Comments[edit | edit source]

Huh, what an odd reason... Good find!
Has anyone tried using CFF Explorer to perhaps play with the core game file and adjust what kind of memory priveledges it has, and perhaps move ctfmon up or down the priority list until everything smooths out. I know with Dawn of War: Soulstorm, for example, adjusting the .dll priorities and eliminating the memory cap solves the crashes that game frequently suffers.
I just tested this solution on GDI mission 6, and in Covert Ops mission Ground Zero. Killing ctfmon didn't make any difference whatsoever. Moving the Commando / tank to the top of the map still crashed the game

It can't make any difference, anyway. The bug isn't related to any external application, it's purely a bug inside the game. The only reason it didn't crash on DOS C&C or C&C95 was because the OSes back in those days didn't have such tightly controlled memory management.

Personally, I'd just advice using VK's old 1.05 patch, and Komfr's stealth crash fix; those two actually fix the problems, and were the basis of my 1.06 patch.

For the record, these other compatibility options have no effect either. C&C95 only needs Win95 compatibility mode, and can switch to 256-colour mode without any help, and disabling visual themes and advanced text services were two more urban legend methods of getting rid of the top-of-the-map crash.
Strange - it works for me. In fact, I've tested this solution on 2 different computers and it worked on both of them.

GDI Mission 6 was exactly the reason why I started to look for a workaround. I had several crashes when I tried to reach the Nod Airfield... but then I removed ctfmon and the crashes stopped, allowing me to complete the mission. Just to make sure, I activated ctfmon and the crashes started again. Just as I expected.

I'll try Ground Zero as well and see what happens.

Of course, I realize that no solution is perfect. Overall, Red Alert runs better under XP than C&C, yet I've had several crashes there as well. Luckily, they occur in rare situations that are easily avoided.

Thanks for the links, by the way :)
"Just to make sure, I activated ctfmon and the crashes started again"

That makes no sense, tbh. What you should've done is killed ctfmon.exe, and then moved your commando to the absolute top of the map in mission 6 (which you can't do at the airfield because of the walls. The best place to do it is near the left corner)

I'm pretty sure it will crash, ctfmon or not.