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If Einstein erased Hitler in 1924, Germany would not go Nazi and Einstein wouldn't need to escape to United States to create a time machine to erase Hitler anymore in present, so such thing would "never happen".

Same principles, if Soviets erased Einstein in 1927, there would be no Einstein-originated, Sci-Fi like gadgets for Allied, therefore Soviets wouldn't need to go back histroy to erase Einstein anymore in present, so such thing would "never happen".

Moreover, since erasing Einstein also erasing his contributions (i.e. nukes), there would be no time-space travel technology once Einstein is erased. So how Soviets can travel back to 1927 in present? They even shouldn't know something called time-travel.

Did you notice in opening cutscene of Red Alert 3, Gregor Zelinsky warned Cherdenko and Krukov "do not touch anything", but how can they be OK if their feets (or boots) making contact with the floor?