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To be honest with you your comments about the end of the Generals Universe is really  unreasonable.

Do really think that is the end of the Generals Universe only because EA canceled Generals 2? are you joking or what?, every body around the world is upset and angry about that and your are the only one who is happy about that only because that game is not a Tiberuim game, C&C Generals and Zero Hour were the best C&C game at all time and it`s still the best C&C at all!!.

Look at it, its stand more than 10 years  and it`s still standing!!!, why? because of the great balance , ideas, and micro which we didnt see lot of that in RA3 nor CNC4.

So the point is, your are wrong about the end of the Generals Universe because their is more than 4 canceled C&C games, 3 of them are Tiberuim games which wasn`t the end of the Tiberuim Universe when cancel it, even C&C4 couldnt able to end the Tiberuim Universe.

And there is no doubt that we will see Generals 2 again with a Single Player and with a box as well as restored of the name to Generals 2 in the next few years.