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Finally! Now I just hope they have a proper singleplayer campaign for each of they factions with like 6 to 10 missions each. I would like to see the story/mission briefings being briefed in CGI or live action through a the eyes of a commander (like all C&C games except for Tiberian Sun, but the idea was cool through Michael McNeil/Slavik in third person). I would also expect the story to be a bit intense and dramatic like Tiberium Wars and some plot twist to continue to the Generals Timeline with some action. And lastly, I hope that EA/BioWare would add a skirmish mode so I can practice some bot matches or make a nice looking base :D.

However, I don't like the idea that it will connect all the Command & Conquer universes, since I want this game to be a true sequel to Generals. But this seems like I will trust EA this time after what they done to C&C4 and making this game F2P. If I am not satisfied and ends up just like C&C4, I hope a Scrin blackhole will suck their headquarters into outer space.