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User blog comment:Sheldonist/Breaking - C&C F2P to have singleplayer!/@comment-5469467-20120910053145/@comment-1257357-20120913224057

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Poor choice of words on my part, I manage the Deus Ex forums for Eidos (And help out with Thief's forums).

And yeah, C&C4 seemed like a dubious tactic, just like this one. EA knows what the hardcore market wants, they've never made it secret. And the casual market doesn't care about RTS gaming, the very genre makes it too complicated for those who want a "disposable" game. So making Generals 2 try to appease both groups just pisses off the core crowd (Who will then go to the competition, such as Blizzard, Stardock, Gas Powered Games and Relic). And you still aren't attracting the new blood anyways. I've never understood why companies who have hundreds of millions invested in a product will gamble entirely (With poor odds) for perhaps a slightly larger fanbase, rather than just sticking to the garaunteed fans they already have.