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User blog comment:Sheldonist/Gens 2 is now C&C F2P/@comment-5024450-20120828092012/@comment-1257357-20120828190412

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These days? Yeah right. It'll get a ten for being "Faithful but accessible". Any glaringly obvious problems will be ignored by the review for "getting with the times."

I just hope this will be a colossal fiscal failure for EA. Tiberium Alliances didn't make much, but then again, looks like something that wouldn't be out of place on a free flash games site. Generals 2 on the other hand, sounds like it should actually have a fairly big investment, which means a lack of consumers would leave a big hole in EA's pocket.

Then again, if it does flop, I'm sure EA will just blame the hardcore market instead of their own decisions...