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User blog comment:Sheldonist/Gens 2 is now C&C F2P/@comment-5469467-20120902073405/@comment-1257357-20120908070921

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Aye, I almost do feel like the old guy screaming "Get off my lawn!", but I really do think gaming is headed down a dark path... We've lost the "art" from it, it's a cash-grab these days (Or so it seems). And to answer your question about how to get people to pay, well either they can impose time-limits (Such as what Facebook games and Tiberium Alliances do), which sucks. Or, they can impose content restrictions (Such as what flash games do), which ruins balance (Read: Sucks). Or they can do nothing, and hope that people pay. Which they wont.

They should've just stuck to their original concept, that game could've finally pointed EA in the right direction, instead of continuing to lose money hand over fist.